Jake T. Austin Dated a Fan Who Tweeted About Him For Years

When it comes to celebrity relationships, the media and the fans all want to know the most intimate details of their lives, including information about who they are dating. Celebrities that date their fans are even more intriguing—like former Disney star Jake T. Austin. He made headlines in the past few years for starting to date, not just a non-celebrity, but a fan that had been trying to get his attention online for years. When they met, there was a connection that Austin couldn’t deny. 

Jake T. Austin smiling in front of a black background
Jake T. Austin | Morgan Lieberman/Getty Images

How did Jake and Danielle meet?

Meeting your favorite celebrity isn’t easy for anyone, but for Danielle Caesar, persistence was the key to getting acknowledged by her favorite actor. Caesar reportedly began tweeting Austin sometime in 2009 on a regular basis, according to HuffPost.

Many of the tweets were sweet but also a little sassy with the confidence she needed to get Austin’s attention. She didn’t back down and eventually, she found the just the right moment to take her obsession from online tweets to an offline in-person meeting. 

The first in-person meeting may have been at a fan meet and greet at Planet Hollywood. After that, it was apparent that they had hit it off and wanted to see where it would lead. Austin followed Caesar back on social media, and slowly they began getting to know each other.

Four years after that in-person meeting, they confirmed that they were an item. Over the years, both have posted sweet photos of the couple doing all those normal couple things: kissing, cuddling, and going out on dates. But as with any celebrity couple, posting every minute of theirs lives on social media is not something they chose to do, leaving fans questioning all sorts of details about their romantic lives. 

Are Jake and Danielle still together?

Most celebrities like to hold on to some privacy, even when they live very public lives. Not much is known about the current status of their relationship, other than they may still be together according to some of Austin’s former costars and friends.

However, it has also been rumored that Caesar had been dating someone named Colby, though not much is known about when that was or whether that has ended.  Whether they are still romantically linked or not, they are not posting the evidence online for all to see.

What are they doing now?

Jake T. Austin is still a working actor. He is currently scheduled to star in a new television crime drama The Rise, a show about an east-coast drug cartel that wants to move its business and expand to the west coast. The show costars Mitchell Musso and Joshua Uduma. There are also serious rumors about a Wizards of Waverly Place reboot with the stars of the show excited about the idea.

Danielle Caesar has gone from superfan to social media influencer. Before she met and starting dating Austin, she was just a typical girl from New York. Now, with her connections to Austin and friends Dominic DeAngelis and Justin Livingston, Caesar enjoys more than 130,000 followers on Instagram.

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