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You may have already noticed recently that The Late Late Show host James Corden has slimmed down quite a bit. His weight has fluctuated over the years, but he seems to have finally found the trick for his body and his metabolism to win the weight loss war.

James Corden
James Corden | ANGELA WEISS/AFP via Getty Images

Find out which one food the 41-year-old has given up and in so doing, seen an incredible weight loss of 70 pounds.

Corden says he only got offered stereotyped ‘chubby friend’ roles early in his career

Because of his extra weight, Corden felt he was stereotyped in every possible “chubby buddy” kind of role imaginable. He spoke with actor David Tennant, on Tennant’s podcast, about the experience of most overweight actors, of being relegated to unromantic, asexual roles because of their appearance.

“If you only watch television or films, if an alien came back and they had to take a reading on planet Earth by just watching films or TV, they would imagine that if you are chubby or fat or big, you never really fall in love, you never have sex.”

“Certainly no-one really ever finds you attractive. You will be good friends with people who are attractive and often will be a great sense of comfort to them and perhaps chip in with the odd joke every now and again.”

“It felt like if the world of entertainment was a big banquet table, people are like, ‘There isn’t a seat for you here.’ “I was like, ‘If that’s not going to happen then I’m going to try to make something happen for myself.'”

Corden went on to write and star in the hit BBC sitcom Gavin & Stacey with Ruth Jones and now hosts The Late Late Show on CBS.

Corden’s response to fat-shaming

In September 2019, talk show host Bill Maher on his Real Time with Bill Maher, made the unfortunate comment that “Fat isn’t a birth defect” and “Nobody comes out of womb needing to buy two seats on the airplane.” He shocked many when he stated, “Fat-shaming doesn’t need to end, it needs to make a comeback.”

Corden couldn’t remain silent after hearing Maher’s divisive and controversial comments.

“There’s a common and insulting misconception that fat people are stupid and lazy, and we’re not,” Corden said on his late show. “We get it, we know. . . I’ve struggled my entire life trying to manage my weight and I suck at it. I’ve had good days and bad months. . .”

“We’re not all as lucky as Bill Maher. We don’t all have a sense of superiority that burns 35,000 calories a day,” Corden joked.

“In the meantime, Bill, while you’re encouraging people to think about what goes into their mouths,” Corden concluded, “just think a little harder about what comes out of yours.”

How Corden lost 70 pounds

The actor and host has been sporting a much slimmer silhouette and recently revealed to The Daily Mail the surprisingly simple way he has accomplished it.

“I’ve cut out sugar and bread, and eat only at mealtimes now.”

James Corden
James Corden, looking slimmer | TM/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

“I didn’t realize before that it wasn’t OK to constantly graze all day, that this wasn’t a thing and that it was frowned upon.”

The Gavin & Stacey star sought out help from nutritional therapist Amelia Freer, who also has as a client Corden’s friend Victoria Beckham.

Giving up sugary carbs, who knew?

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