James Duggar Just Joined Instagram — Is a Courtship Announcement Coming?

It looks like there’s speculation another Duggar courtship may be upon us. Those who follow Counting On know just how important courtships are to the Duggar family. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar explained courtships as dating with a purpose, as the ultimate end goal is marriage. And many of their kids date just one person before tying the knot a mere months after courting them.

Duggar family critics recently noticed 19-year-old James Duggar just joined Instagram. Here’s what that could mean.

Some of the Duggars join Instagram prior to announcing a courtship

Jim Bob and Michelle had seriously strict rules for their kids. All courtships had to be approved by Jim Bob, and the two people involved in the courtship were not allowed to hug, hold hands, or kiss until their wedding day. Not only that, but when the Duggar kids would go on dates with the person they were courting, they also had to be chaperoned to ensure no funny business occurred.

Many fans also noticed that Duggars who are courting or married get their own Instagram accounts. Jessa, Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar all have a serious following, and they seemed to beef up their social media presence after tying the knot.

There are exceptions to the rule, though. Jana Duggar remains living with Jim Bob and Michelle, and she has her own Instagram account. Jed Duggar also has his own social media, and it’s likely because of his involvement in politics.

Duggar family critics noticed James Duggar just joined Instagram

Rumors are flying that something might be going on with James. At the end of 2019, some suspected he was dating Kendra Caldwell’s younger sister, Lauren Caldwell. He was seen with Lauren quite a few times in Counting On, and he’s right around the age when the Duggar kids start their first (and often last) courtships.

Now, rumors continue to swirl as James gets his own Instagram account. The account isn’t verified to be his, but the photo shows it’s him with one of his nephews on his shoulders. So far, the account has zero posts but over 100 followers.

Reddit users have some theories about James’ mysterious Instagram presence.

“They have probably realized that making an Instagram has now become an indicator that courtship news is imminent, so a few of these could be red herrings to create some mystery when solid rumors and show teasers start …,” one Reddit user wrote.

Others think James might not be courting at all and simply has his own Instagram because he’s an adult.

“Honestly, I don’t think Instagram is much of a measure of relationships anymore,” another wrote. “Jana, Jed, Jer, Jason and James all have it now and none of them are in public courtships.”

Others think Jim Bob Duggar wants his kids to use social media as show promotion


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James could have a big announcement to make. After all, Justin Duggar recently announced he was dating family friend Claire Spivey. But Reddit users think Jim Bob is finally catching on that Instagram is a fantastic tool for promoting Counting On. And the Duggars who partner with sponsors can also make some extra cash that way.

“[Jim Bob Duggar]  just discovered you can make money influencing and that’s why he’s probably letting them join IG now,” another Reddit user wrote. “If it was not for the money, he probably wouldn’t let them.”

“Maybe businesscaveman JB finally realized that social media helps promote their show,” another added.

We’re sure we’ll find out soon what’s happening with James. For now, he’ll continue to accrue followers before even creating his first post!

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