James Lee Just Released a Heartbreaking Music Video for ‘Liar’

Just a few weeks after releasing his newest EP, CASTLES, James Lee dropped a heartbreaking music video for his song “Liar.” The music video serves as a reminder of Lee’s growth as a solo artist and his ability to combine emotion with relatable songwriting.

James Lee
Courtesy of James Lee

The ‘Liar’ music video is haunting

Filled with themes of regret, melancholy, and confusion, “Liar” blends together acoustic fingerstyle guitar with 808’s and a hip-hop outro. Combined with Lee’s heartwrenching lyrics, it’s a sad bop you cannot help but put on repeat.

Before a freak accident injured Lee’s left hand, he was a bassist in the Korean-rock band Royal Pirates. Unable to play the instrument any longer, Lee has dedicated himself to building a solo career as a singer-songwriter.

“This song is special because it blends the style I loved writing before my
accident with the music I’ve embraced as a producer,” Lee said of “Liar.”

Haunting and somber, the “Liar” music video is interspersed with shots of Lee singing and a film Lee feels “highlights the intricacies of a breakup laced with disbelief and regret.”

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James Lee released a second EP called ‘CASTLES’

Following his 2018 EP The Light and multiple singles, Lee released his second EP CASTLES on July 31, 2020. The album features seven songs: “Bad Day,” “Over Us,” “Erase,” “Liar,” “Castles,” “Adrenaline,” and “Over Us – Stripped Version.”

CASTLES is a milestone in my career that expresses the growth I’ve had as a writer and a producer. When I wrote The Light EP, I relied on the help from some fantastic producers, but for CASTLES I trusted myself,” Lee said in a press release. “Even though it was based on the thought of sand castles washing away, I still find myself reflecting on the process and journey of creating rather than sulking over what’s lost. I’ve become a realistic optimist.”

As fans can tell from “Liar,” CASTLES deals with sad concepts. However, Lee hopes fans will use the EP to learn how to appreciate every moment.

“I hope people that listen to CASTLES will hear everything, from the details in every single arrangement choice, to the way the words are expressed in each song. I decided to lean into the music I grew up loving so much,” Lee said. “Though the tone of the album is emotional and sad, the greater takeaway for people is to appreciate the moments we have because nothing lasts forever.”

James Lee puts his fans first

Over the years, Lee has built up an impressive and loyal fan base. The singer-songwriter has over 41,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, almost 1,000,000 views on YouTube, and a global social media following of nearly 300,000.

This growth comes from both Lee’s talent and his authentic gratitude. For the release of CASTLES, he came up with inventive ways to thank fans for their support.

Lee gave members of his Patreon the opportunity to be included in the album release through multiple offers. Fans had the chance to have their name included in the credits of the “Liar” music video and the physical copy of the CASTLES EP.

Before releasing CASTLES, Lee had been releasing a single every month. He plans to return to that release schedule with a new song slated for Sept. 4.