Why Jamie Lynn Spears’ ‘Zoey 101’ Co-Star Alexa Nikolas ‘Felt a Little Bit Strange’ About Her Apology

As the two of the stars of Zoey 101, Jamie Lynn Spears and Alexa Nikolas experienced fame early. In the early 2000s, at the height of her sister’s fame, Nickelodeon cast the younger Spears in the teen sitcom. Though canceled prior to Spears’ teen pregnancy, the show garnered a lot of success with young viewers.

Amid her sister Britney Spears’ conservatorship scandal, Jamie Lynn Spears returned to the spotlight. She released a somewhat controversial memoir. Amid her press tour, other tense relationships were re-ignited, including Spears’ longtime feud with her former Zoey 101 co-star, Nikolas. 

Jamie Lynn Spears wrote about Alexa Nikolas in her new memoir

'Zoey 101' co-stars Jamie Lynn Spears (L) and Alexa Nikolas
L: Jamie Lynn Spears | Steve Granitz Archive 1/WireImage, R: Alexa Nikolas | Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage

Jamie Lynn Spears spoke out about her relationship with Nikolas in her brand-new book, “Things I Should Have Said.” According to Us Weekly, Spears claimed Nikolas made things tense on the Zoey 101 set in the book. Spears allegedly wrote Nikolas started rumors about her, including one that insinuated Spears “smelled bad.” She even asked her older sister, Britney Spears, to visit the set and talk with Nikolas. 

It didn’t take long for Nikolas to open up and share her thoughts on Jamie Lynn Spears’ book. In the weeks since its release, the actor sat down for interviews to talk about her side of the story. Apparently, Spears apologized to her for her behavior at one point. 

Why did Nikolas feel ‘strange’ about Spears’ apology?

In the January 2022 interview with YouTuber Sloan, Nikolas went on record about her feud with Spears. “I thought we were OK because she apologized to me,” Nikolas said. As she was pregnant at the time, Nikolas said she “didn’t want any drama.” “So when she apologized to me, I forgave her,” she continued. “Even though I had some reservations about it because I felt like it took her a while to reach out to me, I was a little bit hesitant about forgiving her.”

Nikolas said that she felt it was her “duty” to accept Spears’ apology and to move forward with her life. “All of a sudden, she wanted to send my baby a gift,” Nikolas said. While she commented on how “nice” the gift was, the actors added, “I did feel a little bit strange about [the timing of] it…I was like, why now.” 

Nikolas also gave her thoughts about Britney Spears. She revealed she has empathy for the embattled pop star despite her own “traumatic” experiences with Jamie Lynn Spears’ older sister in the past. Certainly, the drama surrounding Spears’ new book won’t be dying down anytime soon.

When did the feud between Spears and Nikolas start?

Jamie Lynn Spears and Alexa Nikolas worked together during the first two seasons of Zoey 101. Spears played Zoey Brooks, and Nikolas played Nicole Bristow. The two best friends navigate the travails of boarding school together. 

However, after the show’s second season, Nikolas abruptly left, leaving many viewers to wonder what happened behind the scenes. During those early years of Spears’ fame, rumors of tension between Spears and Nikolas circulated. Some believe this caused the young actor to leave the series in 2006.

In 2019, Nikolas went on the record to confirm rumors of a feud. In an Instagram Live, she admitted the Zoey 101 set was toxic. During the video, Nikolas implied Spears bullied her. 

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