Jana Duggar Notes How ‘Life Hasn’t Always Been Easy’ in Her Birthday Tribute to Michelle Duggar

Fans and critics alike have differing opinions regarding Michelle Duggar. Michelle has 19 children, and many of her oldest kids are all grown up with spouses and families of their own. And Jana Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle’s oldest daughter who’s still living at home with them at age 30, wrote a lovely tribute on Michelle’s birthday.

Oddly enough, Jana mentioned that the family’s been through difficult times in her tribute. Here’s what she wrote.

Michelle Duggar celebrated her birthday this September

It’s hard to believe Michelle’s graced fans with her presence on TV for over a decade. And while her adult children have taken over the spotlight, she’s still featured plenty on the Duggar family Instagram page.

On Sept. 13, Jim Bob created a sweet birthday tribute to Michelle who’s now 54 years old. It included a few photos of the two of them along with a lengthy caption.

“Michelle is a wonderful friend, encourager, mentor, role model, wife and mother!” Jim Bob wrote. “Her Christlike love for family, friends, and even strangers is a beautiful sight. She seemingly never tires of encouraging others through her words and actions, praying for others, and loving on those around her.”

Plenty of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids commented on the post or created their own posts as well.

“Happy Birthday! We love you so much!!!!” Joseph and Kendra Duggar commented. “We are so blessed to have such an amazing momma/momma-in-love.”

“Love you, Momma!!” Joy-Anna Duggar also added. “Happy Birthday!”

Jana Duggar’s tribute mentioned how life ‘hasn’t always been easy’

Jana’s lived at home with her parents for her entire life despite her age. It’s customary for the Duggar kids — particularly the Duggar women — to only leave home after they’ve married. Since Jana remains single, she doesn’t seem to have any plans to leave the huge family home anytime soon. Instead, she assists in taking care of the younger kids and fixing up the home.

Jana also wrote a sweet tribute for Michelle’s birthday, too. “My Mom—where do I begin?!” Jana started. “She has done so much for each one of us and countless others. She loves us, cares for us and prays with us.”

The Duggar daughter then lightly noted some challenges the family’s faced. “Life hasn’t always been easy,” she continued, “yet through it all she continues to have a joyful countenance, forgiving heart, and a deep love for others — no matter what!”

And Jana ends the tribute by explaining how Michelle’s shared her love of God with her kids over the years. “Gifts and gadgets may break or fade, but the Word of God that we have memorized will always be in our hearts!”

Jana could be referencing past and present family turmoil


Michelle Duggar Said She Thinks She and Jim Bob Duggar Are ‘More Blessed’ Than Any Other Couple

Jana’s birthday tribute to Michelle is mostly positive — but what could she mean by “life hasn’t always been easy?” There are the past issues with Josh Duggar, of course. Josh, the oldest of the Duggar kids, admitted to a sexual abuse scandal that all came to light in 2015, and the Duggars are still dealing with the fallout today.

Aside from Josh’s scandal, there’s also Jill Duggar to consider. Jill’s husband, Derick Dillard, has told his Instagram followers and other publications that Jill has a strained relationship with her family mostly due to how she was treated by TLC and Jim Bob. Today, Jill is taking additional strides to put even more distance between herself and her family as she sends her kids to public school and embraces more modern practices.

As for Jana, she seems content living at home with her parents. But many comment on her Instagram begging her to leave and get out into the world, as she’s not super young anymore.

We’ll have to wait and see what lies ahead for Jana in her life. But, judging from this tribute, it seems she adores Michelle and doesn’t mind still living with her.

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