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Jana Duggar and John David Duggar just celebrated a birthday, and that has Jana in a reflective mood. On Jan. 12, the Counting On star took to Instagram to wish her twin a happy 30th birthday. In the post, she reflected on her relationship with her brother, especially now that he’s a dad. 

Jana Duggar says she and John didn’t have that ‘twin thing’

Twin siblings often have a close psychological bond. Some even talk about having “twin telepathy” — the ability of one twin to know what the other twin is thinking or feeling, even if they are miles away. 

In her post, Jana admits she and John never shared that mysterious twin connection. 

“Ever since John and I were little we’ve been asked if we have that ‘twin thing’. You know, the thing where you feel what the other one is feeling or know what the other one is thinking, she wrote. “Well, John, I’ve always answered that with a no.”

Now Jana says she feels that twin connection 

Jana Duggar and John Duggar
Jana Duggar and John Duggar | janamduggar via Instagram

While Jana said that she and her brother didn’t have “that ‘twin thing’” growing up, she says she now gets what people are talking about — and it’s all because of John’s new baby

John’s wife Abbie Duggar gave birth to the couple’s first child on Jan. 9. They named their new baby girl Grace Annette. And Jana says that once her twin became a father, she felt just as much joy as he did. 

“[N]ow I can honestly say that the day little Gracie was born I felt every bit of happiness that you did, so I guess it must be real!” she wrote. 

Jana says John is a natural father 

Jana wrote that John took to fatherhood right away. 

“It’s so sweet watching you & Abbie as parents! You’re naturals! And the same qualities that have made you a wonderful brother will also make you an amazing dad,” she wrote. She went on to call her sibling “wise, tenderhearted, godly, and patient,” and praised him for standing up for his beliefs, thinking outside of the box, and being determined. 

“Being an aunt to your little girl is priceless,” Jana wrote. “Being your twin is an honor. Happy birthday, John!!”

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar say their oldest set of twins are alike in many ways 

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have two sets of twins: Jana and John, and 21-year-old Jedidiah and Jeremiah. In their birthday message to Jana and John, their parents recalled that as children, the two twins had very different personalities. But as they grew older, they became more alike. 

“While growing up, John was the mellow and quiet one usually hanging in the background, and Jana was our louder and more rambunctious child!” their parents wrote on Instagram. 

“You two must have rubbed off on each other a bit over the years, because I can see how you’re each becoming more like the other! ☺️” Jim Bob and Michelle added. “You two have always been a great team, and we are so blessed that God chose to put both of you in our family.”