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The Duggars are a controversial bunch, as their strict household rules and religious upbringing doesn’t sit well with many Counting On viewers. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are known for bringing their 19 kids into the spotlight, too. And now that many of their children are adults with their own social media accounts, it’s clear some of the Duggars are following right in their parents’ footsteps.

Jana Duggar is 30 years old, single, and still living under Jim Bob and Michelle’s roof. And she recently shared a photo on her Instagram Story showing her with her younger brother, James. James was wearing a shirt with a seriously aggressive religious message in the photo. And now, Jana is sharing where to buy the article of clothing with her followers.

The Duggars are ultra-religious

Anyone who’s familiar with the Duggars knows they’re deeply steeped in religion. They’re devout independent Baptists, and Jim Bob and Michelle made it known that everything they do and teach their children is in the name of following Christ. For this reason, the Duggar parents don’t believe in birth control and also have very strict guidelines when it comes to rules around the home and dating.

The women in the Duggar family grew up wearing long skirts and modest tops to cover themselves up in the name of God. And when it comes to “courtships,” the Duggars aren’t allowed to hold hands, hug, or kiss their potential spouses until their wedding day. The Duggar kids also didn’t grow up with any modern media, as their life revolved around the church, gospel, and playing music.

Now that many of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids are well into their 20s, they can make their own decisions regarding what they believe. But they continue to follow the Christian faith they grew up with.

Some of the Duggar kids wear shirts to express their religious ways

While the women of the Duggar family believe in modesty, the men seem to like to show off their religion with their shirts. And we’ve seen one shirt crop up multiple times on various Duggar men.

Back in April 2019, a photo of Jedidiah Duggar was posted to Instagram. And he’s seen wearing a shirt that contains the text, “If you died tonight, would you be in heaven or hell?” Many commented on the photo with their concerns, of course.

“The shirt is sanctimonious and petty. ‘But the greatest of these is love.’ Love is what the world needs. You won’t scare most people including myself into choosing Jesus for fear of hell,” one follower commented.

It looks like James Duggar owns that shirt, too. He was featured wearing it in Jana Duggar’s Instagram Story in February 2020.

Jana Duggar is sharing where fans can get her younger brother’s shirt

Jana Duggar's Instagram Story showing a religious T-shirt
Jana Duggar’s Instagram Story showing a religious T-shirt | Jana Duggar via Instagram Story

While many think the religious shirt is morbid, it seems others are wondering where they can buy it. And Jana took to her Instagram Story to share that information with her followers.

“For those of you asking…. this is where James got his shirt from,” Jana posted to her Story along with a screenshot of the shirt in question. She also linked to the website.

Reddit users are slamming Jana’s Instagram post, too.

“I seriously think that influencers use the ‘for those of you who’ve been asking’ line just to increase their swipe ups. Let’s be real, no one has been asking,” one Reddit user noted.

Another wrote, “Also so ironic that it’s called a ‘Gospel’ t-shirt. Anyone with a basic understanding of Christian theology knows that this is not the Gospel.”

We’re not sure how many people were really asking about this shirt, but there’s no doubt the Duggars love it, as we’ve seen it multiple times. And we’re sure Duggar followers will continue to slam it.

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