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Those who first started following the Duggars over a decade ago are quite familiar with all of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 kids. While Jinger Duggar is now out in California and Jill Duggar is drawing attention for no longer being close to her family, it’s Jana Duggar who fans constantly wonder about.

Jana is 30 years old and still living under her parents’ roof, as she remains unmarried. And since she’s still at the big Arkansas home with the rest of her siblings, she helps out her parents when it comes to taking care of them. This also means that Jana’s included on all the family outings — and her followers think her Instagram post about going bowling is sad. Here’s what they’re saying.

Jana Duggar remains unmarried and living at home

The Duggars are known for marrying young, as they’re encouraged to enter courtships that lead right into tying the knot just a few months later. Due to their strict religious upbringing, the family believes that there should be no kissing, touching, or hand-holding before marriage. And when they do finally walk down the aisle, they’re believers in having as many children with their spouse as God wills them to.

Jana appears to abide by all these beliefs, too, but she’s made it known she’s not settling for just anyone. While she’s claimed she’s entered courtships in the past, none of the men she courted were right for her. Now, she’s hopeful God will provide her the perfect man when the timing’s right — but some Duggar followers have other theories.

According to many who know Jana’s story, Jana plays a pivotal role in helping run the big Duggar home. Without her, Jim Bob and Michelle would have way more on their plates. Some theories suggest they’re discouraging men from courting Jana so she can continue to stay at home.

She went on a bowling outing with her younger siblings

Despite remaining unmarried, Jana has her own Instagram account. She uses it to keep her followers in the loop regarding what’s going on with her home projects and trips. We’ve seen plenty of photos of her trips out West to visit Jinger and her holidays with the rest of her siblings. And on Feb. 24, she posted a photo showing off her bowling skills.

“Went bowling with some friends and family,” Jana captioned her series of photos. “I surprised myself and didn’t come in last place, so you can catch me outside the pro shop.”

While the photo depicts Jana right before letting go of the bowling ball, her younger siblings are clearly in the background. And she received many positive Instagram comments about the angle of the photo set.

“Dang someone went through the trouble of walking down the gutters just to take pics of you. That’s dedication!” one follower noted.

Many find the outing depressing

Jana has plenty of support via her Instagram, but Reddit users wish Jana could hang out with adults her own age instead of her younger siblings.

“Now it would have really been exciting if she could have gone with just friends and not 10 little accountability partners,” a Reddit user noted.

“Nothing says weekend vibes like being the 30 year old chaperone for your sheltered teenage siblings and their buddies at the bowling alley,” yet another commented.

“It’s just so depressing to me that they seemingly have no adult-only activities unless they get married – then they get 9 months together before adding another f*cking kid into the mix,” another Reddit user wrote. “I would lose my mind, although I guess had I been born a Duggar my dislike for kids would’ve been stamped out of me long ago.”

Despite the backlash, it seems Jana doesn’t mind hanging out with a younger crowd. As long as she’s happy, that’s all that matters — though we’d love to see her thriving with other adults her own age soon.

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