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Jared Leto is one of Hollywood’s most mysterious and innovative performers. Known for his espousal of Method acting, he started acting in the early ’90s, appearing in television productions like My So-Called Life. The multi-hyphenate celebrity has made a habit of completely transforming himself for certain acting roles and loves to keep people guessing, often appearing on red carpets in unexpected ensembles. In his private life, however, Jared Leto lives a balanced life and is a devoted follower of the vegan lifestyle, only rarely straying away from healthy vegan meals and snacks.

Jared Leto follows a vegan diet

jared leto vegan
Jared Leto attends the UK Premiere Of “House of Gucci” at the Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on November 09, 2021 in London, England. (Photo by Lia Toby/Getty Images)

Leto is a multi-talented performer known as a musician and an actor. He’s been in the entertainment industry for decades yet somehow never seems to look any older. His ageless appearance could be attributed to good genetics, although some experts would probably agree that his vegan diet likely contributes to his smooth skin and healthy appearance.

In a 2016 interview with Rolling Stone, Leto opened up about his looks and eating habits. “I’m pretty healthy – I’ve been that way for a long time,” he said. “Twenty solid years of eating vegetarian/vegan and taking care of myself. That probably helps the preservation process.” The actor likes to stick to a relatively rigid diet. However, he admitted to the publication that he doesn’t mind treating himself occasionally and sometimes indulges in Uncle Eddie’s vegan peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

What has Jared Leto said about maintaining his youthful good looks and healthy physique?

At one point in the Rolling Stone interview, Leto noted he adjusts his eating habits based on the occasion. “I’m actually a cheagan, a cheating vegan,” he explained. “I don’t eat meat ever. But if someone’s mom made a cookie and handed it to me, I’d probably take a bite, or if I’m in Alaska and there’s wild salmon out of the river, I’d probably eat it.”

Leto’s dedication to his overall health extends to mostly abstaining from alcohol and other substances. After an intense show with his band, Thirty Seconds to Mars, he prefers to refuel with fruits and vegetables rather than high-carb snacks or treats. According to Looper, a vegan chef usually travels with the band, preparing healthy options for the star so he can stay on track while on the road. A few of Leto’s favorite vegan snacks include vegan hot chocolate with almond milk, fresh vegetables, buckwheat pancakes, and popcorn. But one thing he’ll never eat is meat. The star draws the line at any meat product.

Jared Leto has physically transformed himself for roles


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Over the years, Leto has taken on a few movie roles that required a complete physical transformation. Notably, for his recent movie Morbius, Leto had to lose a lot of weight to portray Dr. Morbius when he is suffering from a serious illness. He then gained a lot of muscle when he magically transforms into a living vampire. While Leto has admitted that it isn’t “fun” to drastically fluctuate in weight for a movie role, he likes the challenge of transforming. He looks at it as a way to further his understanding of the craft of acting.

According to Eat This, Not That, Leto maintains a healthy lifestyle not just by eating vegan and abstaining from alcohol but through strenuous physical activity such as rock climbing. Certainly, Leto’s enigmatic nature and intense personal preferences make him a fascinating figure.