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During the first episode of Summer House, Lindsay Hubbard revealed to Carl Radke she recently had a miscarriage while dating Jason Cameron.

Hubbard and Cameron met and started dating when they filmed Bravo’s Winter House, but Cameron did not appear on Summer House. Hubbard told Radke she had a miscarriage shortly after learning she was pregnant and that Cameron was by her side.

Cameron and Hubbard drifted apart – an amicable split – but he never spoke publicly about the miscarriage until recently.

No one asked Jason how he felt about Lindsay sharing her miscarriage on ‘Summer House’

Cameron said he wasn’t blindsided when Hubbard discussed the miscarriage on Summer House. But he didn’t see all the press coming about the moment. And he wished perhaps someone would have reached out to him to see how he felt about what happened.

Jason Cameron and Lindsay Hubbard Winter House cast photos
Jason Cameron and Lindsay Hubbard |Zack DeZon/Bravo

“I was definitely curious to know how she was going to present the information,” he said on the Behind the Velvet Rope with David Yontef podcast. Cameron asked Hubbard if she planned to share it on Summer House.

“She’s like, yeah, I’m definitely to share it,” he recalled. “You know, it’s my prerogative. And I was like, well, no, absolutely. You know, it’s up to you. However, you want to say or whatever you want to say. I just want to be prepared.”

Despite being prepared for the news to be shared on the show, he wasn’t prepared for the press. “I wasn’t aware of like the magazines and all that kind of stuff, but I knew it was going to be [on the show],” he said.

“I wasn’t upset it was on TV,” he said. “If anything, I was left without a voice, as far as the publications and what they were saying or talking about, or even how, like you said, like, you know, you saw all this stuff, but what did you have to say? Well, no one asked.”

Jason was mainly focused on how Lindsay would share the news on the show

He also regrets not sharing the news with his family before Summer House. “I mean, it wasn’t great having like my cousins call me from like, ‘Hey, I read in a magazine, what happened?’ Are you OK? And I’m like, you read what, where?” he said. “And then it kind of happened for a couple of days.” He added, “Maybe I should have told them, maybe I should have shared that with my family.” 

Before the moment aired, he was only focused on how it would be portrayed on Summer House. “So I know who’s going to be in the know and who’s going to be aware of the situation as well,” he said. “And so I think she knew that I wasn’t going to be like telling my whole family about it.”

“But at the same time, I was comfortable with whatever she wanted to take this,” he continued. “Then it was interesting when it did come out.  Like no one told me and I didn’t know, like if it was going to be on or if they cut it. It was definitely kind of like, oh, hmm. I mean they use 25% of what we film and if it’s definitely relevant, something that we go through and what she had gone through.”

He knew he couldn’t control what came out on ‘Summer House’

“So one of the producers called me like 10 minutes before it came on the air and like, oh, just so you know, your business is about to be like all over TV,” he recalled. “I was like, oh, well thanks for the call. Well, yeah, but here’s the thing, I knew it was gonna be brought up. Like I had been told. So I’m not in the blind really. Other than not knowing exactly how it’s going to be put out there. And when it’s going to be put out there.”


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“And really I’m not a producer,” he added. “I don’t deal with that side of anything. So I, wasn’t very active and be like, ‘Hey, can you tell me what’s going to be aired when it’s going to be aired? Because I want to know.'”

“I can’t control this, any more or less than I’ve already done, which is talked to Lindsay about how she’s going to share it,” he said.