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Pop singer, songwriter, and dancer Jason Derulo made headlines in May 2020 when he was accused of stealing the beats sample for “Savage Love,” from Tik Tok user Jawsh685. The 30-year-old singer came to an agreement with Joshua Nanai, and the two released “Savage Love (Laxed Siren Beat)” together. Two months later, Derulo is complaining that his net worth is “not even in the ballpark” on 

Jason Derulo
Jason Derulo | Lisa Lake/Getty Images for Welcome America, Inc.

How much does Jason Derulo make from each TikTok video?

Since March 2, 2020, Derulo has been sharing new content with his fans via TikTok. The performer went from under 10 million followers to over 30 million in under five months of sharing videos. The star also started making a ton of money from each post.

“I feel like I thrive on TikTok because I can show me,” Derulo told Complex News. “TikTok is all about creation, and I love building things from nothing.”

When the outlet asked if it was true that the singer earned $75 thousand per video, Derulo admitted it was at least that much.

“I think it’s tacky to say what I do make from them, but it’s far more than that,” he answered. “But, I’m not going to say what it is.”

Derulo makes a #millimeal every time he hits another million followers. His latest milestone, 29 million, was celebrated with his nieces and a cotton candy pizza decorated with various types of candy.

What is Jason Derulo’s net worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Derulo is worth an estimated $14 million. However, the pop artist does not feel that number is correct. 

“It’s so wrong,” Derulo says of his net worth online. “I was actually talking to Forbes two days ago, and I was like ‘Who comes up with the numbers? How do I get it fixed because the number is not even in the ballpark?'”

Derulo explained that Forbes did tell him how he can get the number fixed. However, he’s not sure that he will change it to the real amount. The star shared that P. Diddy also admitted his net worth is not correctly reported.

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“It’s not accurate at all,” Derulo continued. “Mine is so not even in the ballpark. It’s exponentially more than 14 million. This crib is probably worth 14 million right now.”

When asked to reveal his net worth, the songwriter did not want to say the exact number. However, he admits that it is not more than 100 million dollars, but “exponentially more” than the number reported online. 

Jason Derulo’s latest single, “Coño,” is also from a viral TikTok video

With the success of “Savage Love (Laxed Siren Beat), it comes as no surprise that Derulo attempted to use another TikTok beat for a new single. His latest release titled, “Coño,” came out on July 3, 2020. 


Is Jason DeRulo Single?

The original sound is from a Dutch hip-hop collaboration between Puri, Jhorrmountain, and Adje in 2017. The song recently blew up on TikTok due to a new dance challenge. So, Derulo took the beats and made a new song out of it. 

“Excited to put ‘Coño’ out,” he wrote. “Hopefully, it can help bring some joy in these crazy times.”