Jayda Cheaves Responds to Tweet from Woman Claiming Lil Baby Slid in Her DMs

Rapper Lil Baby and his girlfriend Jayda Cheaves are seemingly together again. So now that other women are in her Twitter mentions alleging that Lil Baby has been coming on to them, Cheaves is responding.

Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves
Lil Baby and Jayda Cheaves | Prince Williams/Wireimage

Jayda Cheaves and Lil Baby’s relationship

Cheaves and Lil Baby, whose really name is Dominique Jones have been romantically linked for several years. They are known to have an on-again, off-again relationship. Cheaves has appeared in several of Lil Baby’s music videos, including “Close Friends” and “Catch the Sun.” The duo welcomed their first child in February of last year.

She caused a firestorm on social media earlier this year when she insinuated that the birth of their son was the reason why they split. She said that couples who don’t have children should wait to have children because of the impact that it will have on their relationship. “I stress to my best friend a hundred times a day, like, don’t have no baby,” she explained in an Instagram Live video. “I’m telling you. Don’t have a baby, have fun. I love my baby, don’t get me wrong, but like, they ruin relationships.”

Earlier this year, both of them stated on numerous occasions that they were no longer in a relationship. In an interview from February 2020 with The Morrning Hustle, Lil Baby said, ““It ain’t no like, ‘still together.’ She my son mama, so it ain’t no way we cannot be together. Even if we not in a relationship like boyfriend and girlfriend type s**t, we got a relationship because we got a kid. We got a small kid so we gotta kick it no matter what.”

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Despite their statements, it looks like the two are definitely back together right now. Photos were snapped of them kissing in May 2020 around Memorial Day.

Here’s what she recently said

As reported by The Shade Room, Cheaves got into a back-and-forth with a woman on social media who alleged that Lil Baby sent her messages. The woman said that Lil Baby was messaging both her and her friend.

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When the woman levied the claims against Lil Baby, Cheaves responded, saying, “If that’s the case he slid in your dm to f**k sis. Lol nothing more nothing less. You was gonna leave that room with a wet a** and that’s it. & maybe JUST maybe a couple dollars. You and your friends are prostitutes I reckon?” The woman responded saying, “You’re delusional stay hurt sis. I said what I said… He also unsends msgs if you don’t respond.”

Cheaves insisted that she was not “delusional.” She tweeted back, “It’s not acceptable but it’s lying b*****s like this who feel like they’re doing something when they say a n***a dmd them. None of it is right. And I’m far from delusional.”

Lil Baby has not commented on the matter as of yet.