Jed Duggar’s Alleged Best Friend is Spilling Details About the Duggar Family Wedding

The Duggar family is well-known for their many courtships, and it looks like Jed Duggar’s might be next. None of the Duggars have made any official announcements about Jed yet, but internet sleuths found evidence he’s already engaged. And it looks like his alleged best friend is spilling details about the situation.

Is Jedidiah Duggar in a courtship? It looks like a wedding is on the horizon

Jed is 22 years old, so it makes sense for him to enter a courtship and consider marriage. Typically, when a Duggar family member enters a courtship, the Duggars post all about it on social media. While they did this for Justin Duggar, the most recent of the family to marry, they haven’t made any announcements for Jed.

Despite the lack of publicity around Jed’s courtship, engagement, and upcoming wedding, internet sleuths found a lot of info. Back in fall 2020, Jessa Duggar posted a video to her YouTube that gave a clue about Jed’s engagement. After that, a leaked wedding invitation seemed to prove Jed was getting ready to wed a woman by the name of Katey Nakatsu.

It looks like Katey’s family has relocated, too. While they were living in Arizona, it seems they moved to Arkansas, which is where most of the Duggars are located.

An alleged best friend of Jed Duggar talked about the wedding on social media

While the Duggars aren’t talking about the alleged upcoming wedding, it looks like a friend of Jed’s is. According to CafeMom, Tristan Jamal Miller, a best friend of Jed’s, took to Instagram to talk about the nuptials.

Without a Crystal Ball captured some of the moments from Tristan’s Instagram where he talked about Jed’s wedding. “I have to be there April 2,” Tristan told a follower on Instagram. “I gotta be in the wedding.”

Then, when a fan asked if Jed is really getting married, Tristan replied, “Yes he is. And, I said it in one of my Stories, so just go look at the other one. It’s a lot to explain. Another fan asked Tristan why Jed’s wedding is so secretive. “No clue,” he noted.

It looks like the videos Tristan originally posted are now deleted. Perhaps a member of the Duggar family asked him to keep details under wraps.

When is the next Duggar family wedding?

The Duggar family singing and standing together with instruments after they make a stop on their 'Values Bus Tour'
The Duggar family make a stop on their ‘Values Bus Tour’ | Matt McClain/ The Washington Post

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So, when can we expect Jed to walk down the aisle? According to the leaked info, the two got engaged on Valentine’s Day 2021 and will tie the knot on April 3, 2021.

Now that Jed’s wedding day is allegedly quickly approaching, fans are wondering what’s going on with Jana Duggar, too. While she’s 31 years old and still living with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, rumors are swirling that she’s courting a man named Stephen Wissman. We’re hoping after Jed’s wedding, more information comes to light on Jana’s dating situation, too.

We’ll have to wait and see what’s revealed on the upcoming season of TLC’s Counting On!

TLC did not return a request for comment about the potential wedding by the time of publication.

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