Jeff Mauro Explains Why He Loathes Deviled Eggs

The Food Network has loads of interesting cooking shows, each with a creative and unique theme.

The celebrity chefs on the station have tons of loyal fans, and they’re often a hot topic of conversation on Reddit.

One of the favorite chefs among Reddit users is Jeff Mauro, a.k.a. The Sandwich King. Fans love Mauro because he is often on Reddit himself — and he takes the time to answer his fans’ questions and engage in humorous conversations.

Food Network fans recently had a discussion about celebrity chefs and their least liked foods — and Mauro jumped right in to explain why he doesn’t like deviled eggs. 

Who is Jeff Mauro? 

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Jeff Mauro is a celebrity chef with a passion for comedy. The Food Network star was always making people laugh, even at a very young age. He later discovered his love for cooking, and opened Prime Time Deli and Catering with his cousin. 

Mauro cooked by day and performed by night, indulging his love for the theater with the lead role in Tony and Tina’s Wedding. He moved to L.A. to find a way to combine his two hobbies — cooking and performing.

Eventually, he decided to attend Le Cordon Bleu to expand his knowledge of cooking. After that, he returned to Chicago, where he continued to work in the culinary field as an instructor, corporate chef, and sandwich artist. 

Mauro’s incredible sandwiches earned him the title of Food Network Star in season 7. The competition kick-started Mauro’s career with Food Network, and he began to appear in numerous shows including Beat Bobby Flay, Guy’s Grocery Games, and Chopped Junior.

The popular chef also enjoyed visits to talk shows like Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Good Morning America.  

In his free time, Mauro enjoys spending time with his son, Lorenzo. The two enjoy playing rock music together.

Sometimes Lorenzo joins his dad on the sets of his shows, but the chef says that music is really their big thing. 

What is ‘Sandwich King’ about?

Jeff Mauro demonstrates a cooking technique onstage
Jeff Mauro | John Lamparski/Getty Images for NYCWFF

In 2011, Mauro landed his dream gig. He got to make his own Food Network show–all about sandwiches. Sandwich King took Mauro on the road, visiting fantastic sandwich shops across the country.

Viewers were then taken back into the kitchen, where Mauro worked his magic and created his own delicious creations. 

In 2015, fans of the “King” were thrilled to visit his very first restaurant, Pork and Mindy’s. Mauro opened the Chicago eatery with a close friend, Kevin Corsello.

The mouthwatering menu at Pork & Mindy’s features unique dishes like the “3 Big Piggies” and the “Pig Candy B.L.T. ” Diners can also enjoy “tottys” — tater tots loaded with a variety of toppings.

Mauro and Corsello didn’t forget about their guests with a sweet tooth. The “Holy Cannoli” is a whipped treat with ricotta, chocolate chips, pistachios, and crumbled cannoli shells.  

Why does Jeff Mauro hate deviled eggs so much?

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Fans on Reddit recently enjoyed a conversation with “The Sandwich King” himself. They were discussing specific foods that celebrity chefs don’t like, and Mauro’s name came up.

His fans know he has an aversion to deviled eggs, and Mauro was more than happy to confirm his dislike of the classic appetizer. 

Mauro claims to love eggs — as long as they’re not hard-boiled. Scrambled, sunny-side-up, fried–he’ll take them all. But keep those rotten hard-boiled eggs out of his sight.

He said he hates the texture, flavor, and smell of deviled eggs (and other recipes using hard-boiled eggs). “It’s too springy, chalky and farty smelling.”

Well, that comment really says it all.