Jennifer Aniston Is the Worst Co-Star For an On-Screen Kiss

When actors have to portray a romantic couple on-screen, things can get dicey. Sure, there are times when the sparks start flying for real. In fact, several couples have started out as co-stars before they decided to take the romance with them when they left the set. Most of the time, though, it’s just a job, and many of the actors have significant others to return home to at the end of the day.

It can be hard to find a casting match that helps promote the illusion of love where it doesn’t actually exist, but some stars make it even more challenging. 

Jennifer Aniston, plenty of co-stars have reported, is really difficult to kiss for a role. Learning more about the reason they say so might make fans think differently about every romantic scene they see with her from now on. 

Jennifer Aniston has played in many romantic films

Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet
Jennifer Aniston | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Jennifer Aniston has been in a lot of movies. She has demonstrated a range of abilities that take her from twisted dramas like Derailed  — a film about violence and blackmail — to lighthearted and feel-good roles like the one in Dumplin’ — in which she portrays the hard-working but out-of-touch mother of the charming teenage protagonist. Without a doubt, though, her most well-trodden film territory is the romantic comedy. 

Aniston is well known for her roles in rom-coms like Along Came PollyThe Break-Up, and The Bounty Hunter. On top of that, her most famous role was portraying Rachel on the hit sitcom Friends for 10 years.

This role launched her into superstardom but also included some steamy scenes and heartwarming moments with her love interest Ross. All told, Aniston is frequently in a position where an on-screen kiss is an expectation of the role. 

Jennifer Aniston has a coffee obsession

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On top of her impressive acting career, Aniston has also made a name for herself because of her positivity and inspirational nature. She has been a fan favorite from her early days, often portrayed as a sweet girl next door type that everyone can relate to easily.

Her marriage to Brad Pitt was an endearing part of Hollywood history, and fans were livid on Aniston’s behalf when Pitt and Jolie became a very public item shortly after their divorce. Through it all, Aniston has stayed upbeat, and her optimistic attitude is contagious. 

One thing she has discussed at length is her diet and exercise habits. The star has been adamant that she doesn’t follow strict food rules, but she does have a morning routine that will seem familiar to many fans.

She begins her day with coffee. In fact, the actor has been a proponent of intermittent fasting, and she sticks to liquids only in the mornings, meaning that coffee is a major part of her day. 

Coffee breath is off-putting for Jennifer Aniston’s co-stars

No one can really begrudge a hardworking actor for getting their daily caffeine fix — well, no one except the co-stars who have to kiss her. It turns out that all the coffee Aniston likes to use to fuel her day has a serious impact on her breath.

In turn, that coffee breath can make it difficult for the co-stars who play her romantic partners to stay in character during the kissing scenes. 

According to Screen Rant, Jason Bateman actually had to cut a kissing scene short and offer Aniston some breath mints before he could give it another try. Similarly, Alec Baldwin — who smooched Aniston on the set of 30 Rock — called kissing the actor through her coffee breath a “painful experience.”