Jennifer Aniston Quietly Reveals Brad Pitt’s Importance in Her Life

When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie announced they were getting a divorce in 2016, fans were sad for him. At least for a while.

It wasn’t long until the speculation began. Fans started wondering if Pitt being single meant there may be hope for him and his ex, Jennifer Aniston. 

Pitt and Aniston made a great couple. They’ve both grown a lot since their divorce in the early 2000s. They both seem settled now, which only serves to increase fans’ optimism.

The two have been adamant that there were no hard feelings after their divorce. Aniston especially has said many times that what happened between her and Pitt is water under the bridge. Even though they say they’re just friends now, fans can’t help but get hopeful whenever they’re seen together. 

Brad Pitt attended a party at Jennifer Aniston’s house

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Fans started getting riled up when they found out that and Aniston attended the same party at over the holidays. She also saw her other ex-husband, Justin Theroux. He attended Thanksgiving dinner at Aniston’s house. 

Obviously Aniston has no problem staying friendly with her exes. That probably means she’s serious when she says she and Pitt are just friends.

Even so, it seems like now would be a perfect time for Pitt and Aniston to get back together. Pitt wouldn’t be rebounding from his relationship with Jolie. Plus, he’s in a much better place now than he has been in the past. 

His career was at its peak during the end of his relationship with Aniston. It created a distance between them that ended up being one of the reasons for their divorce. Then, he married Jolie shortly after separating from Aniston. 

His separation from Jolie has been much more dramatic. In fact, even though the two have been separated for some time, they’re not legally divorced. Their messy breakup is still ongoing.

Reports of Pitt’s drunken outbursts were upsetting, but luckily his separation seems to have been the catalyst he needed to get sober. He’s stopped drinking, and he seems to be taking responsibility for what he’s done. 

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s SAG award reunion was amazing 

Pitt has grown a lot since his separation, so fans are anxious to see if he’ll try to settle down again. Pitt’s fans are on the lookout for any sign he might be in a romantic relationship, with Aniston especially. 

Fans and the press, therefore, were excited to see the sweet reunion Pitt and Aniston shared at the SAG awards. Photos show them hugging, almost teary-eyed. In one picture Pitt is holding Aniston’s hand. 

Both Pitt and Aniston took home awards at the SAG ceremony, which may account for the emotion the two were showing. Still, it was a sweet moment. 

Now Jennifer Aniston says Brad Pitt’s support means “everything”

Aniston was actually quite emotional the whole night. The SAG awards, or Screen Actors Guild awards, are special for performing artists. Awards like the Oscars or the Golden Globes are decided by a committee that may or may not have much to do with the industry.

The SAG awards, on the other hand, are for actors, by actors. Aniston was clearly touched to be honored by her peers. 

After the awards, she revealed in an interview how special Pitt’s support is to her. When asked what Pitt’s support and the support of her fellow actors mean to her, Aniston answered: “It means everything, we all grew up together, this whole room.”

Aniston goes on to say that acting is often hard work. Filming television shows and movies means 16 hour days and a lot of preparation. She appreciates the SAG awards because it’s a night to relax with her peers and appreciate all the hard work they’ve done.