Jennifer Aniston Talks About Her Future With ‘Kids’ and ‘Laughter’

Jennifer Aniston has been one of the most popular actresses in the world for over twenty years. She achieved lasting fame playing Rachel Green on Friends and in the years since has appeared in a wide variety of movies and television shows.

Aniston is an actress whose personal life has always been the subject of intense speculation and her name has been in the headlines on a regular basis. Most notably when it comes to the matter of children.

Recently, Aniston spoke out about how she envisions her perfect future, and her words have fans wondering whether or not happy news could be coming up for the actress.

What did Jennifer Aniston say about children?

Jennifer Aniston arrives at a movie premiere.
Jennifer Aniston | Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Aniston is in the midst of a career resurgence. The 51-year-old actress has a brand new hit series on her hands — the Apple TV+ series The Morning Show — and is getting all kinds of awards buzz for her performance.

Although she has been in the entertainment business for over thirty years and has been acting since she was a young child, she has quite possibly never been more popular. Fans still love Aniston and want to know all they can about the legendary star.

Recently, Aniston gave a revealing interview to her friend, Sandra Bullock, where she described what she envisions in her future. When Bullock asked her what she hasn’t done yet that she is looking forward to doing, Aniston replied candidly.

“My gut reaction was to say all of the above. It’s not so much what I see myself doing, but it’s more like a little screenshot in my brain,” she said. “I hear the ocean, I see the ocean, I hear laughter, I see kids running, I hear ice in a glass, I smell food being cooked. That’s the joyous snapshot in my head.”

Out of every detail in her vivid description, it was the mention of children that has fans buzzing. 

The rumored reason for Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt’s split

Aniston does not have any children, but there has been continued speculation about whether or not she wants kids almost throughout her entire career. During her marriage to Brad Pitt, many fans believed that the “golden couple” would end up having a family of their own.

However, they didn’t have any children during their marriage. After the announcement of their split, there were many rumors that claimed Aniston “refused” to have children with Pitt and that it contributed to their divorce. Aniston slammed those rumors, saying that she “always” wanted to have children and that she would have them eventually.

Pitt went on to build a large family with now-ex Angelina Jolie, while Aniston married actor Justin Theroux. 

Did Jennifer Aniston want children with Justin Theroux?

During her marriage to Theroux, Aniston continued to deal with pregnancy rumors and speculation.

In the summer of 2013, Aniston stepped out on the red carpet with what appeared to be a slight baby bump. But the actress spoke out and said that the supposed bump was just slight weight gain.

Several years later, in the summer of 2018, Aniston and Theroux were separated. Many tabloid publications once again assuming that children were one of the root causes of the split.

In an interview, Aniston called the continuing speculation about her reproductive plans “pretty crazy” and stated that perhaps her purpose “isn’t to procreate.” Fans were left confused about whether children really were in Aniston’s future, and whether or not the actress ever envisioned herself becoming a mother.

After her emotional interview with Sandra Bullock, it seems safe to say that Aniston might actually be considering starting a family of her own — with or without a man at her side. Ultimately, whatever she opts to do is her choice.