Jennifer Aniston’s First Movie ‘Leprechaun’ Is Streaming on Hulu for St. Patrick’s Day

You can’t — or shouldn’t — hit the pub this St. Patrick’s Day. But even if you’re stuck at home, you can still celebrate by pouring yourself a pint of Guinness or shot of Jameson and cueing up some Irish-themed movies. And fortunately, Hulu has a perennial St. Paddy’s Day favorite available to stream. 

‘Leprechaun’ is streaming on Hulu 

Back before she was Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston was a struggling actress looking for a break. And it came in the form of 1993’s Leprechaun, a schlocky B-horror movie about an angry Irish sprite who vows revenge after his pot of gold is stolen. Aniston plays Tory, a young American woman who faces off against the killer leprechaun, played by Warwick Davis. 

Leprechaun didn’t exactly earn rave reviews when it was released, and it pulled in less than $9 million at the box office. But it managed to spawn seven sequels, most recently 2018’s Leprechaun Returns. And Aniston was convinced that it was her ticket to stardom.  

“I really thought I arrived when I did Leprechaun,” the actress told Howard Stern in 2019. “It was with Warwick Davis, the guy from Willow was in it. It was a big deal! I really did think it was an amazing thing that I was in a movie.”

When she watched the movie again with then-boyfriend Justin Theroux, Aniston had a very different reaction, saying she was “cringing” throughout the experience. 

You can judge Aniston’s debut film for yourself. Leprechaun is currently streaming on Hulu with the Cinemax add-on. 

Other St. Patrick’s Day movies to stream on Hulu

To be fair, Leprechaun may not be the best movie to stream on St. Patrick’s Day, especially if comedy-horror isn’t your thing. Plus, it’s actually set in North Dakota, not Ireland. But Hulu does have a few other movies that are perfect for March 17 viewing. 

Leap Year, starring Amy Adams and Matthew Goode, is set in February rather than March, but most of the movie takes place in Ireland. Adams plays a woman who is frustrated that her long-term boyfriend has yet to propose. When he heads to Dublin on a business trip, she follows, intending to take advantage of an Irish tradition that says women are allowed to propose to men on leap days.

The Oscar-nominated In the Name of the Father stars Daniel Day-Lewis as Gerry Conlon, a man who was falsely convicted of carrying out an IRA bombing in 1974 and had to fight to clear his name. It’s streaming on Hulu with the Cinemax add-on. 

Song of the Sea is a 2014 Irish animated film about a boy who discovers that his mute younger sister is actually a selkie — a creature that can transform from a seal into a human. Streaming on Hulu with the Starz add-on. 

In Far and Away, then-couple Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman play Irish immigrants to America in the 1890s who hope to participate in a land run in Oklahoma. It’s streaming on Hulu with the Cinemax add-on.  

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