Jennifer Lopez and Josh Lucas’ Chemistry Was So Intense a Steamy Scene Was Cut

Jennifer Lopez is one of the world’s biggest stars, a multi-talented entertainer who has conquered music and movies. She regularly sells out massive stadiums for her live concerts and continues to impress her fans with new projects and ventures year after year.

Lopez is known as the “queen of romantic comedies,” and has starred in many popular romantic films, opposite some truly stunning leading men. Still, to Lopez, one particular actor stands out in her memory as not only one of her best on-screen love interests but her best on-screen kiss as well. 

Jennifer Lopez has starred in many romantic movies

Jennifer Lopez
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Lopez first rose to fame in the early ’90s, after a breakout role as a “Fly Girl” on In Living Color. She received acclaim for her work in the biopic Selena, released in 1997, and by the early 2000s, she was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.

While Lopez appeared in a wide variety of films, from dramas to comedies, she quickly became known for her affinity for romantic comedies. Her work in The Wedding Planner made a splash, and it cemented her status as one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. A few of her other hugely popular romantic comedies include Maid in Manhattan, opposite Ralph Fiennes, and Monster-In-Law, with Michael Vartan.

In late 2018, almost two decades after she first made an impression as a star of romantic comedies, Lopez appeared in Second Act, proving that she still has the power to bring audiences to the theater. 

What is ‘An Unfinished Life’ about?

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In the early 2000s, Lopez appeared in many movies. One of her films that flew under the radar at the time was the 2005 release, An Unfinished Life.

The movie stars Robert Redford as a rancher who tries to mend his troubled relationship with his daughter-in-law, played by Lopez, after she shows up unannounced at his ranch. Josh Lucas portrayed Sheriff Curtis, a local who establishes a connection with Lopez’s character, much to the consternation of Redford’s stern rancher character.

When the movie was released, it received mediocre reviews, and viewers missed out on seeing it in theaters, for the most part. It is only recently, with both Lopez and Lucas revealing the steamy chemistry that they shared onset, that fans are beginning to realize that the film might actually be worth a watch. 

What did Jennifer Lopez say about her on-screen kiss with Josh Lucas?

In a 2017 interview, Lopez was asked to spill the beans on her favorite on-screen kiss. While Lopez has some truly top-notch picks to choose from, she ended up naming Lucas from An Unfinished Life as her best film kiss.

As it turns out, the feeling is mutual. In a 2015 interview, Lucas opened up about Lopez, stating that “she was phenomenal in many ways in that way. We have a phenomenal sex scene in a car that was so good [that] I guess it was cut out. They needed to get it a rating that was a little more PG. It was fantastic.”

An Unfinished Life might not have gotten a lot of traction in 2005, but after Lucas and Lopez’s comments about the film (and the scenes that they shared), many fans might be rushing to watch it. As for Lucas and Lopez, they haven’t worked together in a film since An Unfinished Life, but there is always a chance that they might reunite onscreen for another project.