Jennifer Lopez’s Green Engagement Ring Is Worth 4 Times What Ben Affleck Gave Her in 2002

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s renewed romance has captured the world’s attention. The two superstars reconnected after nearly two decades apart. They moved quickly, blending their lives in a way that suggests they are truly meant to be. Lopez kept the early days of their love affair low-key. But in recent weeks, the triple-threat entertainer has opened up about her life with Affleck. Now that Affleck and Lopez are engaged, everyone wants to know about her fabulous engagement ring — and how it stacks up to the one Affleck gave her in 2002. 

Jennifer Lopez recently announced her engagement to Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez engagement ring
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez attend the Los Angeles special screening of “Marry Me” on February 08, 2022 in Los Angeles, California. Rich Fury/WireImage

In an early April 2022 Instagram video, the A-lister asked her fans to check out her new On the JLo newsletter, where she had some exciting news to share. The singer wasn’t kidding. Fans who went to the newsletter website were treated to a brief video of Jennifer Lopez showing off a bright green engagement ring. While the video doesn’t feature Affleck specifically, it was clear that the clip served as an engagement announcement.

Fans have speculated for months that an engagement was just around the corner. Following a recent interview that Lopez did with Ellen DeGeneres, she admitted her renewed relationship with Affleck is a “beautiful thing.”

What is Jennifer Lopez’s green diamond engagement ring worth?

Lopez has remained mum on wedding plans for now. But she’s had no problem showing off the ring that Affleck gave her. According to Page Six, the green engagement ring features an 8.5-carat natural green diamond, surrounded by two white diamonds shaped like trapezoids. It’s unlike anything else worn by a celebrity in recent years. As Lopez revealed in her On the JLo newsletter, the color is part of what makes the ring so special. “I always say the color green is my lucky color. Maybe you can remember a certain green dress. I’ve realized there are many moments in my life where amazing things happened when I was wearing green.”

Lopez’s new ring is also very expensive. As reported by Us Weekly, experts guess that the green engagement ring is valued in the millions. Jenny Luker, president of Platinum Guild International USA, told the publication that the green stone is likely worth around $10 million. That’s close to four times the value of the engagement ring that Affleck gave to Lopez in 2002. 

Ben Affleck first proposed to Jennifer Lopez in 2002 with a stunning pink diamond

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s first engagement was in 2002, when they were first known as “Bennifer” to tabloids and fans. The ring that Affleck gave his love was a beautiful pink diamond. Us Weekly reported it cost around $2.5 million at the time. With inflation, the incredible ring would likely cost even more these days. Still, her newest engagement ring trumps the pink one by leaps and bounds. Writer and geology expert Amanda Smith took to TikTok to explain what makes the green diamond so rare. According to Us Weekly, Smith said that the green diamond is “incredibly rare” because it has to “grow to a large size without any visible flaws or clarity characteristics. It can’t crack, it can’t fracture — things that would make it uncuttable later.”

Certainly, the rare nature of the stone could have a special significance to the couple – a specific choice on Affleck’s point to show his lady love that he thinks their love is truly unlike anything else. 

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