Jennifer Lopez Says She Loved Marc Anthony for ‘Making Her Feel Loved’ After Ben Affleck Breakup

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were married for 10 years and had two children. The singer once said Anthony made her feel “loved” during the tough time after her engagement to Ben Affleck ended.

How Jennifer Lopez approached her relationship with Marc Anthony

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez  | Michael Tran / Contributor/ Film Magic/ Getty Images
Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez | Michael Tran / Contributor/ Film Magic/ Getty Images

In her book, True Love, Lopez says she fought to maintain her marriage to Anthony. When times got tough, Lopez says she continued to push forward and do what she could to keep their union alive. She says she approached the marriage similarly to the way she approached her commitment to the Dance Again tour.

Lopez says her body would get tired during the tour and she would be in a lot of pain. However, she “pushed through the pain” and kept going. She says she knew she would eventually become stronger and have more energy if she continued with the tour. Similarly, Lopez says she pushed through when things got tough in her marriage. She tells her readers she applied the same approach that she used on her tour because she believed everything would be OK with her marriage if she kept moving forward.

Jennifer Lopez says Marc Anthony made her feel ‘loved’ after the Ben Affleck breakup

In her book, Lopez describes the end of her engagement to Affleck as her “first real heartbreak.” She reveals she didn’t want to be alone after their relationship ended, and she felt meeting Anthony was perfect timing. She says she was comfortable enough to welcome a new love into her life because she and Anthony had known each other for years before they became a couple.

The “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” singer says she had always been fond of Anthony and she was ready to start a romantic relationship. She described being reunited with him as the “start of her fairy tale.” Lopez says she loved Anthony for making her feel loved when she was going through a low point in her life.

Jennifer Lopez thought she was ‘destined’ to be with Marc Anthony

Anthony and Lopez were friends before they began dating. Their paths crossed again after Lopez and Affleck broke off their engagement. Lopez says she thought meeting Anthony so soon after her broken engagement was a sign they should be together. She was convinced he was the one.

At the time, Lopez says she felt like Anthony was her “knight in shining armor,” and he was coming to rescue her from her pain and sadness. She later realized that entering this new relationship so soon was just a “Band-Aid” that she was putting on the situation. She admits she needed time to heal her emotions.

Fans were invested in Jennifer Lopez’s relationship with Marc Anthony

Lopez says her fans were just as invested in her relationship with Anthony as she was. They were rooting for them. She says for her fans, their relationship represented a happy ending. According Lopez, the marriage also seemed to change Lopez’s public image from a “diva” to “Jennifer Lopez, married woman.”

Some fans felt Lopez and Anthony were destined to be together, and it would disappoint them to see the power couple separate. Lopez says she didn’t want to crush the image fans had of her and Anthony.

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