Jennifer Williams Reflects on Relationship With Tim Norman Amid His Murder Trial: ‘I Saw a Side to Him That Was Crazy’

Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams has been open about being unlucky in the love department. The former wife of Eric Williams has dated, been scammed by men she trusted, and even had a restraining order on her ex – Tim Norman. She says her relationship with the Sweetie Pie’s star was riddled with jealousy. But she admits to being surprised by Norman’s involvement in his nephew’s murder. Williams says despite seeing a dark side to Norman, she never imagined he’d be capable of such a crime.

Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman pose for photo; Williams says Norman had a crazy side to him during their relationship
Jennifer Williams and Tim Norman | Thaddaeus McAdams/FilmMagic

Jennifer Williams says she saw a “crazy” side of Tim Norman

Norman’s 21-year-old nephew Andre Montgomery Jr. was killed in 2016. The ordeal played out on the OWN reality series. Shortly afterward, Norman and Williams began dating and made several appearances on the show.

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They split within a year, and Williams accused Norman of stalking her and was granted an order of protection. He denied such and claimed she was bitter about their split and angry that she was no longer on reality television. Despite such, Williams says she was shocked by the charges against Norman.

“I saw a side of him that was crazy. Hence all of this court stuff. But I never in a million years would have thought he would put a hit out on his nephew. Now I had gone to St. Louis, and he had walked me down the street where the nephew was killed, and his father got murdered on the next street over years prior,” Williams told Carlos King on his Reality With the King podcast. “And so he’s walking me down the street and telling me the story – and so when everything comes out, I’m like, ‘Wait a minute. This is crazy as hell.’ Because I remember him taking me to this street where the nephew was murdered. So I tell people this: I definitely saw a crazy side of him with him stalking me, and he was very jealous.”

The reality star details witnessing his bouts of anger and jealousy but fell for him in a vulnerable place

Williams says her split from Norman came after a violent outburst she experienced with him while out at a restaurant in LA. The incident scared her so much that she says she ended things with him.

“We were at Pink Taco in LA and sitting at a booth, and it was a booth that extended, and there was another table. And there was a TV to my right, and I’m looking at the TV, and there were some guys at the table next to us. The guy was looking, and he goes ape s–t crazy…next thing I know, he takes his forearm, basically is about to flip the table…I was mortified,” she alleges.

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Williams says Norman stayed at her house that night. She claims when he left to go to the gym the next day, he began sending her articles about body language, insinuating that she was enticing the men at Pink Taco with her body language. 

Williams later says that, in retrospect, she entered into a relationship with Norman because was grieving the death of her mother. She admits he was there for her and very attentive, but now views it as possessive. 

She says she feels vindicated after his arrest for his nephew’s murder

When Williams first was granted the order of protection, many fans of Norman’s agreed with him that she was bitter about their breakup and lying about the stalking allegations. But she says since details of his arrest and past have come forward, she feels vindicated.

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