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Jeopardy! viewers are witnessing another extended victory streak with current champ Amy Schneider. Recently winning her 33rd game, Schneider racked up over $1.1 million to date and bumped former Jeopardy! star James Holzhauer to fourth place for most consecutive wins. Fans of the legendary quiz show are showing their support and excitement for Schneider on social media.

Game show host Alex Trebek rehearses his lines on the set of the 'Jeopardy!' Million Dollar Celebrity Invitational Tournament Show
Game show host Alex Trebek on the set of the ‘Jeopardy!’ | Amanda Edwards/Getty Images

Amy Schneider is nearing Matt Amodio’s ‘Jeopardy!’ record

Schneider began her stellar Jeopardy! run on Nov. 17 and has been unbeatable since her debut. Recently claiming third place for most consecutive wins on the game show, Schneider is now setting her sights on the number two spot held by former champ Matt Amodio. The Ph.D. student won 38 straight games and was defeated on Oct. 11, so Schneider is just a few games away from that milestone.

The current Jeopardy! star has hit several impressive benchmarks during her victory streak. According to TV Insider, Schneider is the first woman to earn more than $1 million and is Jeopardy!‘s biggest-winning trans contestant in the game show’s history.

Apparently, Schneider viewed Holzhauer as a goal from the start of her record-breaking run.

“I’d like to beat James Holzhauer, I think,” Schneider told Newsweek in December 2021. “He seems very confident, I guess I’ll say. And so it would sort of feel good, I think, in a way.”

‘Jeopardy!’ posts shoutout to Amy Schneider

To celebrate Schneider’s recent victory and new standing in Jeopardy! history, the game show’s Instagram account posted a congrats to the quiz whiz for her accomplishment.

“Amy Schneider wins her 33rd game and is now #3 on the all-time consecutive wins list!” the caption read alongside a photo of the Oakland resident.

Jeopardy! fans expressed their praise for Schneider’s achievement on the trivia game, and some referred to her spot in the upcoming Tournament of Champions.

“Amazing!! Great work 👏 keep going!! Congrats,” a viewer wrote.

“She is very very impressive!!” one follower commented.

“We riot if Amy and Matt don’t end up going against each other in the tournament of Champions,” another joked.

“First thing I checked when I got off work: let me see if Amy won the 33rd consecutive game! Amazing! Yes! Yes! Yes!” a fan raved.

“Amy is amazing! Hope she breaks all records!!” another cheered.


‘Jeopardy!’: Former Champ James Holzhauer Comments on Amy Schneider Breaking His Record

Amy Schneider is a longtime ‘Jeopardy!’ fan

Schneider’s talent for the quiz show may be due to her status as a devoted viewer. She revealed that she’s been a fan for decades.

“I’m not gonna pretend I didn’t think I could do good, but this has just been so much better than I thought I would do,” she told Newsweek. “My parents watched it, so I grew up watching it. So it’s probably been 35 years I’ve been watching the show.”

The Jeopardy! champ gave props to her mom for giving her a thirst for knowledge since childhood.

“My mom was a college professor, so I was always very interested in learning and she really instilled that in me,” Schneider remarked. “So by upbringing and inclination it always was right in my sweet spot as something that I wanted to do.”