‘Jeopardy!’: Katie Couric Begins Her Guest Hosting Stint and Fans Weigh in With Mixed Opinions

Katie Couric just began her two-week stint as the first female guest host of Jeopardy! Picking up where executive producer Mike Richards left off at the iconic lectern, the Today Show alum opened her first episode by sharing her gratitude for the distinguished role. Viewers expressed their thoughts on Couric at the quiz board, with some promising to boycott the show during her run.

Katie Couric attends the 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Radhika Jones at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts
Katie Couric | Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic

Some ‘Jeopardy!’ viewers aren’t fans of Katie Couric

With a roster of guest hosts scheduled to pinch hit for the late game show legend Alex Trebek, several broadcast journalists were added to the lineup. While many viewers know Couric from the Today Show and the CBS Evening News, some Jeopardy! fans vowed to keep their TVs off while she mans the trivia board.

“Won’t watch while she is the hostess,” a viewer wrote on Instagram. “Sad about Couric for 2 weeks! Will not watch!” another commented. “I watch Jeopardy every night. Not this night,” one follower posted.

Many pointed to Couric’s political views as the reason for their boycott. The former NBC news personality has previously posted her political opinions on social media, and made a comment to Bill Maher in January about Trump supporters in Congress needing to be “deprogrammed.” The remark was met with some backlash, with several viewers referring to her statement.

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“Not a good person. Too bias and quick to want to reprogram half of all Americans,” a viewer commented. “She needs to be ‘deprogrammed’. Why is she hosting America’s favorite game show?” another wrote. “reprogramming isn’t completed yet. Can’t watch Jeopardy until it is done,” a follower posted.

Other viewers felt that any person remotely related to politics should not be at the legendary Jeopardy! lectern.

“No political journalists of any ilk. it’s not just Katie,” a follower noted. “Politics have crept into every aspect of our life. We don’t need professional news people who are very adamant about their political opinion hosting game shows that are non-political,” another remarked.

‘Today’ alum Katie Couric got some support from ‘Jeopardy!’ fans

Despite some viewers vowing to tune out during Couric’s two weeks at the helm, quite a few Jeopardy! fans weighed in with their support.

“Katie is doing so good!! Love her!” one fan wrote. “Outstanding job Katie,” another posted. “Love Katie as host!! You make it fun! Way to go!” a follower cheered. “Loved Katie, she is so much fun!” a fan chimed in.

Others chided the negative comments, sharing that kindness is the trademark of Trebek’s legacy.

“If you’re a true Jeopardy fan and a true Alex Trebek fan, can you imagine how much it would hurt his heart to see everyone slamming different guests host on here,” one follower posted. “all these comments probably really disappointing Alex,” another wrote.

Katie Couric admitted to being ‘nervous’ at the ‘Jeopardy!’ lectern

Though Couric has plenty of experience as an on-air personality, the idea of guest hosting Jeopardy! was a bit intimidating for the seasoned journalist.

“Of course I was nervous, are you kidding me?” Couric said in an interview aired by the show. “The last thing I wanted to do was come here and mess up and embarrass the show.”

With Jeopardy! promising to make a donation to the charity of each guest host’s choice equal to the cumulative winnings of the contestants that compete during their run, in addition to honoring Trebek’s memory, Couric wanted to take on the challenge.

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“I love the show, I loved Alex Trebek,” Couric said. “I was so inspired by him, especially by his courage toward the end of his life. It’s just such an American institution and the opportunity to play a small part in the continuation of this show was just something i didn’t want to pass up.”