Jeremy Vuolo’s Instagram Post Is Making Followers Believe He and Jinger Duggar Have More Money Than We Think

There’s a lot going on in the world of the Duggar family. While many of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s 19 children still live at home or in the immediate vicinity in Arkansas, Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo went their own way. The two now live in Los Angeles with their daughter, as Vuolo is going for a ministry degree in the sunny state. And Jinger seems like she’s thriving in her new home.

Los Angeles is known for being expensive. And while the Duggars make quite a bit from Counting On, we’re not sure if it’s enough to fund a life of pure luxury. Vuolo recently posted a photo to Instagram showing him traveling, and some of his followers questioned how he has enough money to make it all happen since he’s a student. Here’s what we know.

Jeremy Vuolo is currently in school for ministry

We know the Duggars are an ultra-religious bunch, so it makes perfect sense that Jinger would marry a man in ministry. OK! Magazine noted back in 2019 that the entire reason Jinger moved to Los Angeles was so that her husband could chase his dreams in getting a Masters in seminary. This degree puts Vuolo on the path to becoming a pastor even though it meant uprooting his life in Laredo, Texas.

While Vuolo is spending plenty of time with his program at The Master’s Seminary, Jinger doesn’t appear to have a job. Instead, she’s putting forth time to appear on Counting On and chase her dreams of becoming an Instagram influencer — though that hasn’t gone over too well so far.

While she had a partnership with Fonuts, the company dropped her after realizing all of the bigoted and homophobic stances the Duggars have taken over the years. And Fonuts even issued an apology over partnering with her in the first place.

Jinger Duggar probably doesn’t know too much about finances

Vuolo may know a thing or two about finances, but we’re not sure if Jinger does. We know the Duggars believe the men in the household should be the breadwinners while the women do work around the home and with the children. With this mentality, it would make sense for Jinger not to seek out any financial advice for herself or her family, as she might expect her husband to do it.

Jinger did seem to allude that she has her own money via an ad on Instagram, though. “I want to be a good steward of my time, energy, and money, which is why I’m really grateful for Vimvest,” she told her followers on Feb. 4, 2020. According to Jinger, Vimvest can “help you set up and reach your financial goals.” And she also had a code for the app that gives her followers a money boost when used.

We’re not sure if Jinger really does use Vimvest or if she’s just attempting Instagram influencing once again. But many noted her delivery on her Story seemed odd and too forced to be genuine.

Vuolo’s Instagram post had fans asking about his family’s money

We know the Duggars make thousands from Counting On, and Instagram influencers can make some serious cash, too. But is it enough to keep Jinger and her family comfortable in Los Angeles? It appears so. Vuolo posted a photo of him looking well-dressed and carrying his luggage. And he added a caption about his passion for traveling.

“There’s just something I love about having bags packed, ready to travel and explore…even if it’s simply heading east to visit family,” he wrote. “It’s a big world with much to be discovered.”

Many commented on the photo — and a few wondered if Vuolo was richer than we suspected.

“Most pastors don’t have enough money to travel!!. But here you guys are traveling the country, have a beautiful home in a very nice area, nice cars. And the most important thing is you do everything for a fee,” one follower mentioned. “That not how you serve the lord.”

“The pastors I’ve known would have no money to travel,” another added. “Traveling is SO pricey no matter whether my car , plane. Etc.”

Others noted that Jinger’s Instagram ads and Vuolo’s past as a professional soccer player probably help fund the bills.

Another on Reddit noted, “Does he actually attend classes? He seems to travel an awful lot for someone working on a Masters degree.”

We doubt Jinger and her husband will ever reveal just how much money they have. But it seems they’re doing just fine in the expensive state they’re living in!

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