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Talk show fans young and old know Jerry Springer well. As the host of the infamous television series The Jerry Springer Show, Springer became a household name in wild daytime TV. Sadly, Springer died on April 27, 2023. What was Jerry Springer’s net worth at the time of his death? Here’s what we know.

What was Jerry Springer’s net worth at the time of his death?

Jerry Springer holding his hands up in peace signs while wearing a suit. Jerry Springer died in 2023 with a high net worth.
Jerry Springer | Albert L. Ortega/WireImage

Jerry Springer died with a net worth of $60 million, Celebrity Net Worth reports. According to TMZ, Springer’s family said he died of a “brief illness,” though other sources confirm it was pancreatic cancer.

He’s infamously known as the host of The Jerry Springer Show, but he had humble beginnings before the show began. Springer worked as a broadcaster at a college radio station while getting his undergraduate degree at Tulane University. After college, he started a political career. He was a campaign adviser to Robert Kennedy and was later elected to Cincinnati, Ohio, city council in 1973. Springer’s ultra-popular commentaries, like “The Springer Memorandum,” helped him attain a career in broadcasting. NBC then hired him as a political reporter.

By 1991, The Jerry Springer Show was born — though it looked a lot different when it started than how it looked when it ended. The show began as a political space until the producers changed the format in 1994.

Aside from The Jerry Springer Show, Springer went on to host America’s Got Talent for several seasons, and he also produced The Steve Wilkos Show. Springer also appeared on The Masked Singer in 2022 and hosted Judge Jerry.

He spoke about life and death after ‘The Jerry Springer Show’

The Jerry Springer Show gave Jerry Springer his high net worth. While the show didn’t start as a salacious talk show focusing on tabloid topics, audiences tuned in more often when it became this way.

Springer spoke on The Real Daytime about the success he found through the years and why he found it difficult to retire. While he retired from The Jerry Springer Show at 75 years old, he then went on to host Judge Jerry after finding he didn’t enjoy his time off the air.

“My final career is going to be working nursing homes. No one ever tours them, so I was thinking I’d do that,” he joked. “No, my final place is gonna be, well, we board a new plot, you know, where you get buried. Because after this, what’s left?” He then said he wanted bleachers and a screen to show The Jerry Springer Show all day every day near where he’s buried. “And the stone will simply say, ‘I won’t be right back.'”

Jerry Springer likely didn’t make much money as the mayor of Cincinnati


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The bulk of Jerry Springer’s net worth came from his time on TV and not during his time as a politician. Springer became the 56th mayor of Cincinnati in 1977 and held the role until 1978. While the title seems like he’d be making a lot of money, mayors — particularly mayors in Ohio — don’t appear to bring in a lot of income.

According to, the average base salary for a mayor in Cincinnati in 2023 is $55,328 — and it was likely a lot less in the ’70s. Springer was likely happy about his lucrative career change.

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