These ‘Jersey Shore’ Episodes Feature Snooki’s Wildest Moments

Jersey Shore was a show based on hanging out, making out, parties, parties, and more parties. The wilder things became, the more Snooki, JWoww, The Situation, and everyone else captured the attention of their fan base. They paved the way for the reality that is YouTube and the crazy stuff fans see there.

Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi smiling
Nicole ‘Snooki’ Polizzi | Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Snooki, in particular, had some wild moments. Letting go of your inhibitions will make you look weird or make you into a reality TV star. The alcohol probably helped. Take a look at some of Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s wildest moments at the Jersey shore. 

Snooki let it all hang out in Season 1

Friends has Central Perk, How I Met Your Mother has McLaren’s Pub, and Jersey Shore had Karma. Snooki got right to it in Season 1, Episode 4 when the gang went to their favorite hangout. She proved she still had her high school cheerleading moves without missing a step.

The young woman backflipped her way into the limelight before doing some splits later in the night. She just wanted some attention. And every man in the place was staring, whooping, and seeing what she would do next.

The one where Snooki got arrested

Summer, check. Beach, check. Booze, check. Arrested? Yeah, that was a check, too. Snooki finally got what was coming to her after all of her partying and drinking in Season 3, Episode 3, entitled “Where’s the Beach.”

Snooki was so lost in her mind she didn’t know where the beach was even though she was walking on the beach in broad daylight, and it was because she was drunk. JWoww and Deena raced to the shore to save her from going into the water fully clothed with her purse and car keys. But it was too late. Two cops saw her and arrested her. As they hauled her away, she yelled, “I’m a f***ing good person!”


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I’ll take “Disgusting Yellow Liquids” for $1,000, Alex

Snooki got into habits that took things up a notch just to get noticed. Maybe she wasn’t hugged enough as a kid? Maybe she needed her parents to spend more time with her? 

For Season 5 Episode 5, Snooki elevated her dance moves by giving everyone at Karma an entirely new Jersey Shore experience. The gang wanted to celebrate Vinny’s return to party central by going to, of course, Karma.

Snooki didn’t bother to tell anyone (or the editors left it on the cutting room floor) that she had a UTI at the time, which explains why she peed on the dance floor. “Don’t call me dirty. I’m not dirty. I smell phenomenal.” Luckily, it wasn’t the urine. She had doused herself in perfume before going out as a “shore shower.” 

She peed later in the backyard, uncontrollably again, because of her medical condition.