‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’: Is Lauren Sorrentino the Reason Pauly DelVecchio Is in a Relationship?

Is Lauren Sorrentino the reason Nikki Hall and Pauly DelVecchio are a couple? After a conversation the two women had on Double Shot at Lovesome Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans think “Laurens” is to thank for DelVecchio and Hall’s relationship. 

Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall
Pauly DelVecchio and Nikki Hall on ‘Double Shot at Love’ | MTV

‘Double Shot at Love’ Season 2 worked out for Nikki Hall 

Many Double Shot at Love fans thought DelVecchio and Hall were going to be in a relationship when season 1 ended. But DelVecchio shocked everyone. When he said he would “roll solo,” Hall was heartbroken. 

Despite her initial heartbreak, Hall chose to return for Double Shot at Love Season 2. Though the show’s premise had changed — instead of looking for love, the Jersey Shore stars were living and working with their exes in Las Vegas — DelVecchio and Hall decided to mend their relationship. By the end of season 2, the two were officially an item. 

Now, Nikki Hall is Pauly DelVecchio’s ‘wifey’

DelVecchio and Hall announced their relationship during the Double Shot at Love Season 2 reunion. When the season ended, they decided to give their relationship a “real shot.” 

“It kind of just happened,” Hall said during the reunion. “Now we get to spend real time with each other on a different type of level altogether,” DelVecchio added.

The couple has lived together throughout the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic — something DelVecchio said has allowed their relationship to continue to grow. 

In the “Somebody’s Wifey’s in Town” episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, Hall finally met DelVecchio’s Jersey Shore family. Together, they sat down to their first “Family Dinner” as a couple — AKA the first time Deena Cortese and Angelina Pivarnick had seen each other since “the speech.” 

While Vinny Guadagnino was bored out of his mind with the couples’ chatter, many fans celebrated how far Hall has come with DelVecchio. 

Some ‘Jersey Shore: Family Vacation’ fans think Lauren Sorrentino is the reason Nikki Hall and Pauly DelVecchio are together 

After “Somebody’s Wifey’s in Town” aired, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation fans took to Reddit to dissect Hall’s dinner with the family. 

“I love how genuinely supportive Mike and Lauren are of [Hall and DelVecchio,” one fan said. “Lauren’s talk with Nikki in season 2 of DSAL gave Nikki the courage to approach Pauly on Pauly D day.”

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They’re referencing the conversation “Laurens” had with Hall on Double Shot at Love where she encouraged her to be open and honest with DelVecchio about her feelings. That conversation has many fans convinced that DelVecchio and Hall wouldn’t be in a relationship today without Lauren’s words. 

“I think that Lauren is a huge part of why they got together when they did,” another fan said on Reddit. “Had she not said something, my guess is that they still would have, but she REALLY empowered Nikki when she took her aside and told her to go for it! I also bet there was more from Pauly that we didn’t see telling her how much he still liked Nikki, because she was very assured in her advice giving. Nikki recognizes what an ally she is. That’s why she’s always giving her credit and love.”

If that’s the case, this fan thinks “we all need a Lauren in our lives!”