Jessa Duggar Explained Michelle Duggar’s Infamous ‘Family Meetings’: ‘You Knew it Was Something Serious’

Those who follow the Duggar family know them best for their strict rules. When Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar first introduced their 19 kids to the reality TV spotlight, they also shared their incredibly rigid way of life. From the family’s dress code to their courtship rituals and homeschooling methods, the Duggars were often in hot water with viewers because of their unorthodox way of life.

Now, many of the Duggar kids are all grown up. And Jessa is creating tribute videos to her parents. In her video dedicated to mother Michelle, Jessa explained some of the “family meetings” that the matriarch would hold — and they sounded like serious business.

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar are famous for their family rules

It looks like most of Jim Bob and Michelle’s older kids have relaxed the rules in their own households — but we can’t forget their ultra-strict upbringing. Since the Duggars are very religious, Michelle and Jim Bob believed that all of the females in the household should wear long skirts and shirts that cover their shoulders.

“The goal really is just to keep our focus on our countenance and to not be drawing attention to places that our eyes don’t need to be going,” Michelle explained on 19 Kids and Counting.

It was the Duggar’s rules of courtship that really shocked viewers, though. Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids were not allowed to hug, kiss, hold hands, or even go on dates unchaperoned prior to marriage. For this reason, many of the Duggars had their first kiss on their wedding day. And Duggar weddings have become one of TLC’s biggest moneymakers, as fans want to see exactly what goes down at the events.

Jessa Duggar created a tribute video to her mother

While fans are often outraged by the Duggar family rules, it’s clear most of the Duggar kids have no ill-will toward their parents or their upbringing. And Jessa has been making hour-long video tributes to her mom and dad.

Jessa has talked highly of Michelle in the past, and she frequently shares everything she’s learned from her mother and how her mom’s faith, kindness, and patience have informed who she is today. And her tribute video to Michelle tells stories of her childhood and the parenting tactics Michelle would use to encourage a loving and supportive household.

“When I’m out and about, I often get people who come up to me and say, ‘I love your mom. She is just the sweetest lady,’” Jessa says in her video tribute. “They’re always commenting on her patience in parenting and how gentle she is, how soft-spoken she is, and, I have to say, all those things are true. I have grown up watching her and her patience, and as a mom myself now, it’s something that I tell people all the time, it’s ‘I pray for the patience of my mother.’”

Jessa talked about the ‘family meetings’ Michelle would hold

Michelle sounds quite patient — but she was also no-nonsense. “Everybody remembers mom’s family meetings,” Jessa tells her camera. “If mom called a family meeting, you knew it was a big deal. Sometimes, it would just be to give us an update on something. Sometimes it was because we had a new family rule, such as putting a limit on how many people can ride on the golf cart at one time.”

Jessa’s demeanor then turned more serious. “Sometimes it was because somebody had done something. And she decided, you know what, this would be a good time — without naming that individual — to go ahead and tell everybody no …. If mom called a family meeting, you knew it was something serious. Everbody better put their listening ears on and sit quietly and pay attention.”

Despite the meetings sometimes taking on a serious tone, Jessa noted she really respected Michelle for holding them. And the family meetings were also a good time for group gathering and prayer for those who were sick and in need.

We’re not sure if Jessa also holds family meetings in her own home — but given the way she discussed them, we’re willing to bet she does.

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