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It’s hard to keep track of what all 19 of Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s kids are up to these days. While TLC features many of the Duggars on Counting On, it’s Jessa who fans are wanting to know more about. And she’s attained quite an Instagram following over the years thanks to her posts about her husband, Ben, her three kids, Ivy, Spurgeon, and Henry, and her day-to-day lifestyle choices.

While Jessa appeared to go on a social media hiatus at the end of 2019, she’s back with new posts featuring her family. And a recent post about Ben talks about how he’s way more adventurous than she is. Here’s what she posted.

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald don’t see eye to eye on everything

Duggar fans often speculate on which relationships appear to be the healthiest, and Jessa and Ben certainly seem like the perfect match. Ben seems to be slightly more liberal than Jim Bob and Michelle, which gives Jessa more personal freedoms at home. And if they argue, they appear to work out their differences with ease.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have their differences, though. Ben and Jessa talked about their financial situation on Counting On, and they admitted that’s one aspect of their marriage that can get sticky.

“We’re not as organized with our finances as we probably ought to be, that’s something we talk about a lot,” Ben said.

“We probably have had some disagreements on finances,” Jessa added.

It seems Ben likes to spend excess money on going out to eat, while Jessa would rather spend a few extra dollars on other things, like giving gifts to those she’s close to. Ben added, “We’ll have different things that we think it’s OK to spend more money on, and so we just have to be patient with one another and talk about these things.”

Ben has made statements before that show he’s more adventurous than Jessa is

Both Ben and Jessa were born and raised in Arkansas, and they currently don’t live far from the Duggar family home. It seems Jessa is totally content raising her kids in her home state as well. Ben, however, might have more of an adventurous spirit at heart, as he’s given some clues that he’d be interested in experiencing big city life one day.

We know Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo made a big move out to Los Angeles. And on Counting On, Jessa and Ben talked about what they think of big city life. While Jessa noted she didn’t necessarily want to live in Arkansas for the rest of her life, she also couldn’t imagine living in the city. But Ben disagreed.

“I actually like the city,” he said. “I wouldn’t mind living in the city, the big city.”

Jessa just called him ‘Mr. Adventurous’ on Instagram

Ben’s willingness to try out big city life isn’t the only adventurous aspect of his personality. Jessa just called her husband “Mr. Adventurous” on Instagram when talking about their differing eating habits.

“Mr. Adventurous is always trying out new food and drinks whenever we dine out,” Jessa wrote. “I tend to be a creature of habit, but he pulls me out of my comfort zone and I nearly always end up loving the things he orders!” She then added that “everyone needs” someone like Ben to help them branch out a bit. “Thanks for helping me branch out beyond French fries and vanilla ice cream,” she added.

Reddit users also noticed Ben’s adventurous side and think he’s responsible for introducing healthier foods into his family’s life.

“He’s just been trying to introduce healthier foods to Jessa (since they met) and their kids,” one Reddit user wrote.

“Ben has actually shown an interest in nutrition for a while (perhaps it just seems this way in contrast to Jessa),” another added.

As for Jessa, we’re not sure how many new foods she’ll stick to eating, but it’s nice to see her admitting that she’s enjoying trying new things with her husband.

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