Jessa Duggar Just Proved She’s Just as Handy as Her Sister, Joy-Anna

We love keeping up with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s adult children. The Duggars were first featured on TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, and now, many of the teens once featured on the show are all grown up with spouses and children of their own. And Jessa Duggar continues to be one of the most popular in the family.

Jessa has three young children with her husband, Ben Seewald. While she’s still featured on Counting On, she also has a serious Instagram and YouTube presence. And she recently shared a video of her building a play structure in her backyard for her kids. The footage shows Jessa proving how handy she can really be — and it’s reminding us of her renovation-loving sister, Joy-Anna.

Joy-Anna Duggar is known for flipping houses with her husband, Austin Forsyth

The Duggars get plenty of flack from outsiders due to their religious beliefs and their upbringing. But there’s no doubt they’ve learned some valuable life skills since early childhood. And if there’s anyone in the Duggar family who’s proven to be good with power tools, it’s Joy-Anna.

Joy-Anna’s husband, Austin Forsyth, builds and renovates homes for a living. And since the beginning of their relationship, Joy-Anna has taken an active interest in also learning how to be handy. So far, we know Joy-Anna and her husband have worked on multiple projects together that involve fully building new homes to sell.

“House projects are really good for couples to do together,” Joy-Anna explained in a clip from Counting On.

“If she doesn’t know how to do it, you can just show her real quick and she can figure it out and become better than you at it,” Forsyth added.

Jessa Duggar just built a play structure in her backyard

Joy-Anna has made a name for herself as the builder of her sisters. But it seems Jessa is also proving she’s good with tools. On March 30, the busy mother of three posted a video showing off a new play structure she built for her kids in the backyard.

Not only does the video show Jessa assembling the entire structure, but it also shows how she’s carefully watching over her young kids at the same time. She allowed her sons, Spurgeon and Henry, to “help” build as well by asking them to take the parts out of their plastic wrapping. And she also took the time to explain to her kids how the entire structure connects.

It wasn’t smooth sailing all the way through, of course. Jessa noted that “Henry lost the bolt” that attaches the top piece of the structure for a time. And their Allen wrench had also gone missing. Thankfully, all pieces were found in the end — and Jessa was able to successfully complete the build.

Jessa’s followers are amazed by her handiwork

Jessa’s followers noticed how easily she was able to assemble the structure. And the fact that she accomplished the task while also educating her kids and keeping a close watch over them is truly remarkable.

“You are Awesome!! I can’t believe you put that together with 3 little one’s. Very cool,” one follower commented on Jessa’s Instagram post.

“Your amazing! I don’t think I could do that with kids around,” another added.

“Sorry I’m commenting as I watch the video, but I love how hands on Jessa teaches her boys to be!” another commented on her YouTube video. “Definitely an inspiration for the next generation of mama’s out there. Jessa has always been my favorite Duggar.”

We’re glad Jessa is getting her kids outside and playing while they’re practicing social distancing. And we’re anxious to see what she’ll get up to next.

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