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Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar brought their 19 kids into the spotlight over a decade ago. While some of the youngest of their children are well under the age of 18, it’s their older kids who are stealing the spotlight now. And Jessa Duggar remains a fan favorite.

Jessa has three kids with her husband, Ben Seewald, and it’s clear she has a wonderful relationship with her siblings and parents. While she’s not bringing any drama to the table for the Duggars, she is bringing plenty of useful information to her fans. And her new YouTube series is teaching us a lot about what her home life is like.

In her YouTube video about hospitality and hosting guests, she tells her viewers all about the main rule she learned from her mother, Michelle. Here’s what Jessa said.

Jessa Duggar admitted to having some messy habits at home

With 19 kids, it’d be tough for Michelle to keep her home totally spotless — and it looks like her kids have adopted some of her messy habits. Jessa’s always been open and honest with her social media followers when it comes to taking care of her home while raising kids. And we’ll never forget when Jessa shared a controversial photo showing diapers piled high in her house.

While the diaper pile didn’t go over well with many of Jessa’s followers, she’s taking a different approach now with her YouTube channel. On Dec. 16, 2019, she posted a video explaining how she keeps the clothing in her home organized now. And she also admitted to a messy habit that she had to nix.

“I used to be the kind of mom who would wash the laundry, get it all clean, throw it in a pile, ‘I’ll get to that later,'” Jessa said in her video. “That clean laundry would pile up … I would have to block out, like, an hour to put away laundry.”

She discussed her tips on YouTube for having guests over

Not only is Jessa getting candid about how she keeps her home organized, but she’s also sharing tips on how to be hospitable to guests. She posted another long video on Jan. 13 to YouTube explaining her take on inviting others over.

“You don’t have to be a professional. You don’t have to be this amazing cook,” Jessa starts in her video. “The goal is to just welcome people into your life. Make them feel at home, make them feel loved.”

Jessa’s main tips are all about setting realistic goals. If she doesn’t have time to clean the whole house, then she just cleans up the areas where guests will be hanging out. As for food, she also makes sure she asks her guests if they have any allergies or preferences, but she doesn’t worry too much about busting out a new recipe if she doesn’t have the time.

Jessa noted one major house rule Michelle Duggar always abided by

Throughout the video, Jessa references tips and techniques Michelle used back when Jessa was a kid for when the Duggars had guests over. Jessa mentions that she likes to use guests coming over as an incentive to clean the whole house, but that doesn’t always happen — and it didn’t always happen when she was a kid, either.

“One thing that I learned from my mom is if you’re striving for perfection before you even have people into your home, you just may end up never having people over because it’s hard to get your house spotless and especially keep it that way with young kids,” Jessa said. And she also mentioned a story of her youth that involved guests coming over to the Duggar family home and appreciating that Michelle didn’t keep her house pristine.

Not only that, but Jessa noted her mom also had good strategies in place for talking to new guests. Jessa noted it’s good to ask your guests “open-ended questions that kind of get the conversation going …. Those are some of the things my mom did with us growing up that were really helpful.”

It’s always interesting to hear more about what it was like growing up as a Duggar. We’re hoping for even more personal anecdotes in Jessa’s future YouTube clips!

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