Jessa Duggar Responded to a Follower Who Slammed Her for Giving Her Son Too Many Gifts

The Duggars are a peculiar bunch, and they’ve been the center of fan speculation for years. While we’re all familiar with Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, it’s their adult children who have taken over the spotlight. And Jessa Duggar’s beefing up her social media presence, as she has an active Instagram and quite a few YouTube videos detailing her life with her children and her husband, Ben Seewald.

It’s clear Jessa wants to share her parenting tips and aspects of her personal life with her fans. And she doesn’t shy away from answering questions on Instagram, either. She posted about her Son, Henry, and his birthday celebration on Feb. 9 — but it didn’t sit well with everyone. Here’s what Jessa said back to a follower who criticized her for giving Henry too many presents.

Jessa Duggar was slammed for her parenting choices in the past

Jessa shares plenty of personal stories and photos to her Instagram for her followers, and they often feature her three children, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy. While she’s been criticized for her past, all of her followers are intrigued to see if she’ll be following in her parents’ footsteps. So far, it appears she’s planning on homeschooling her kids and incorporating religion into their lives. But we have yet to see if she’ll have strict modesty or dating rules for her children as they grow.

While Jessa seems quite easygoing and open, she’s still been slammed for her parenting. She’s been accused of being a little too honest regarding her ultra-messy home. And others thought she was an unsanitary mother when she posted videos of Henry blowing “drool bubbles.”

Despite the hate, Jessa claps back. When some slammed her for the way she chose to parent Spurgeon, she wrote snarkily on Instagram, “Yes, he’s 22 months old. Yes, he drinks water from a sippy cup, and yes, he still prefers to drink much of his milk/kefir from his bottle. So there ya have it.”

She posted about her son’s birthday on Instagram

The occasional hater on Jessa’s social media hasn’t deterred her from adding new content. While she took a social media break in 2019, she’s back in full force with plenty of posts about her kids. And she recently shared a video of Henry opening some of his birthday gifts.

“This week Henry turned 3!” Jessa captioned the post. “This year we decided to change things up — Instead of opening all his gifts at once, we decided to start the week before his birthday and give one gift a day so he would have time to appreciate and really enjoy each one.” And she also recommended her followers check out the entire birthday celebration video on YouTube, as it’s 16 minutes long.

The clip she posted to Instagram shows Henry opening some gifts from boxes and envelopes. And Jessa added a voiceover explaining her new gift methodology she’s instilling in her household. And of course, Henry looks ecstatic on each day he gets something to open.

Jessa called out a follower who slammed her for her gifts

Many appreciate Jessa’s videos, as it gives us insight into her life that we wouldn’t otherwise have. But not everyone’s a fan. As one of her followers commented to her Instagram, “I don’t understand why he needs more than one gift at all. Even that is unnecessary because he is too young to know it’s his birthday without you telling him.”

To that, Jessa gave a respectful — but firm — reply back. “True, he is young, and he doesn’t quite grasp the ‘birthday’ thing. We chose gifts that the whole family can enjoy— not just him— though he gets the joy of opening and ownership,” she wrote. “Classic books, bird feeder, etc. There was one gift not for sharing: new underwear. Ha! We try to keep it practical and educational.”

Many others supported Jessa’s answer, too.

One fan answered, “we always gave our boys more than one gift. I think this is a GREAT IDEA.”

Another wrote, “You’re an awesome mom and I think many young mothers could learn a lot from you!”

We love how responsive, understanding, and firm Jessa stays when responding to her critics. And we hope Henry had a great 3rd birthday full of fun new educational toys!

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