Jessa Duggar Reveals the Money-Saving Tricks That Keep Her Kids’ Clothing Budget in Check

Jessa Duggar is a busy mom of three, but her family always looks cute and put together. In a new YouTube video, the Counting On star explained how she finds stylish and functional clothes for Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy Jane without breaking the bank

Jessa Duggar shops at consignment sales 

“Buy used and save the difference,” was the motto Jessa’s parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar lived by when she was growing up. Pinching pennies allowed them to make ends meet while raising a large family. While Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald don’t have as many kids as Jim Bob and Michelle, Jessa clearly took their money lessons to heart. 

Jessa has mentioned before that she often turns to thrift stores and consignment sales to find affordable items for her family, a point she reiterated in her latest video. 

“Most of my kids’ clothing comes from kids’ consignment sales, something like Rhea Lana’s. I will make a checklist ahead of time of everything I need and then when I go I try to stick to that list,” she said. 

Jessa says she pulls everything she likes in her kids’ sizes from the rack, and then sorts through it all, looking for the lowest prices or the best deals on name brands. But even when you’re shopping secondhand, it’s possible to overbuy, especially when prices are low. To avoid that problem, she tries to make sure that the items she’s selected will pair well together so she’s bringing home complete outfits. 

Her style is ‘little adult’ 

When it comes to a look for her kids, Jessa says she asks herself when she or Ben would wear the clothing if it was in their size. 

“We just kind of style them like we would ourselves,” she said. 

She describes the look as “little adult,” and added that she tends to avoid clothing with superheroes or cartoon characters, prominent logos, or cutesy sayings. But once the kids are older, she says they’ll be able to pick out their own clothes and develop their own look. 

Hand-me-downs also keep costs under control

Baby Gap store
Baby Gap | Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Jessa said that she spends about $120 on clothes for her oldest boy Spurgeon every season, with many items coming from stores like the Gap. Her second kid, Henry, gets his big brother’s hand-me-downs after he’s outgrown them, which helps keep her budget in check. 

Jessa welcomed her first daughter in May. Since then, Ivy Jane has received a lot of hand-me-downs from Jinger Duggar’s daughter Felicity. But because she’d growing so fast, Jessa has also had to buy some additional items. 

The mom of three also keeps the quantity of clothes she buys to a minimum, both for her kids and for herself and Ben. She’s pruned their wardrobe down to the essentials and donates items her kids no longer wear, which means that this family of five is able to share a single closet

“We try to keep it pretty simple, pretty minimalist,” Jessa said. 

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