Jessa Duggar Said Having Her Third Baby, Ivy, Was a ‘Huge Transition’ For Her Sons

We know the Duggars well thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar bringing their 19 children into the spotlight. And now, it’s their adult kids who are finding their voice on social media. And Jessa Duggar along with her husband, Ben Seewald, and their three kids are getting a ton of attention.

Jessa and Ben’s kids, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy, are often featured on Jessa’s Instagram and YouTube. And she gets candid about the difficulties and woes of parenting. She’s also talked about how difficult it was for her older sons to adjust to having a third baby in the house when Ivy was born. Here’s what she said.

Jessa Duggar’s daughter, Ivy, is 11 months old

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It’s hard to believe Jessa and Ben’s daughter, Ivy, is nearly a year old. Jessa often posts photos and videos of the little girl to social media, and it seems she’s starting to talk. And on May 21, she added another photo of Ivy to her Instagram to celebrate the little one turning 11 months old.

“This little doll is 11 months old, and is saying new words every week!” Jessa captioned the post. “We put together a little video of her talking, and it’s pretty cute. She says so many things, but every time I say ‘Ivy, say ‘Mama!’’ — it’s complete silence. Makes me laugh every time I watch it.”

Fans love Ivy, and they often comment that she looks exactly like a mini Jessa.

“Beautiful baby girl. She looks just like you Jessa. God bless y’all,” one fan commented on the post.

“Doll is right!!! She is TOO CUTE FOR WORDS! Those eyes are SO beautiful,” another wrote.

Many fans suspected she didn’t have her home prepared for a third baby

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Not only does Jessa get real about parenting, but she also shows off her home (for better or for worse). She’s created a number of Instagram posts in the past that exhibit how messy her home gets with the kids, and she’s also given fans a house tour via YouTube that also shows some of her messes.

Jessa’s house tour video features a Christmas tree still up months after December, a toilet that Spurgeon clogged with an entire roll of toilet paper, and clothing that’s thrown everywhere. And it’s led some of her followers to think she didn’t adequately prepare her home for Ivy’s arrival.

“I’m just realizing that Jessa made absolutely zero effort adding Ivy to the household beyond emptying half a drawer in their changing table,” a Reddit user posted in response to the video. “I have three young kids, so I understand not having the time and energy to make a big fuss. But for our third baby I at least set up the crib, bought some new sheets and blankets and added some simple decorations.”

Jessa admitted having another little one was a ‘huge transition’ for her other kids

While Jessa is happy to have three kids, she told TLC it certainly wasn’t an easy transition, especially for her sons.

“When you’re adding a new baby into the family, it can feel like a huge transition in a lot of ways,” Jessa told the camera. “And if there are older siblings, sometimes they can go through sort of a transitional phase, just adjusting to a new normal.”

She then explained that to get her sons prepared for Ivy, she talked about her a lot before she was born so they could get prepared. But Henry, who’s only 3, seemed to have a tougher time than Spurgeon. To combat this, Jessa would tell Henry that he could have his turn for some one-on-one time after Ivy, and she would give him special attention when needed.

“You just have to be intentional and make time to really invest in their lives,” Jessa added.

We’re glad Jessa and Ben are making it work with three little ones!

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