Jessa Duggar Said There Are Only 2 Major Commitments People Should Make in Life

The Duggars are known for their conservative Christian ways. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have 19 kids total — and they ditched birth control completely to trust that God would give them as many children as they should have. Now, their adult children are spreading the good word of Christianity, too. And Jessa Duggar took to YouTube to talk about her relationship with her faith and how it’s evolved over time.

It seems Jessa thinks there are two major commitments people should make in life, too. Here’s what she explained in her video.

Jessa Duggar talked about her religious upbringing

Those who’ve followed the Duggar family through the years know everything they do is in the name of their religion. They’re devout independent Baptists, and their household had a ton of rules growing up regarding what they were allowed to wear, what media they could consume, and how they learned.

On Aug. 22, Jessa shared more insights regarding her upbringing to YouTube. She explained that when she was 6 years old, she didn’t have a full understanding of Christ or being saved — and she was quite problematic as a child. “No fruit of the Holy Spirit whatsoever,” Jessa explained. “Just a lot of patterns of sin and selfishness, self-focus, self-seeking, always looking for opportunities to escape work.”

By the time she was 12, she started to open her heart more to God. And in her teen years, she noticed a change. “I just noticed God starting to break some of the habits in how I acted and reacted toward my siblings,” Jessa added. “I had some strained relationships with different siblings. My life before Christ, I was one who would always be picking fights, stirring up strife and contention, always getting on everybody’s nerves, and God gave me a greater love for my siblings.”

She mentioned there are 2 commitments people should consider making in their lifetime

Jessa continues on in her video and talks about commitments. And she notes that while many folks voice vows and commitments they hope to keep, not every vow is one that needs to be set in stone. For that reason, she thinks people should only really have two commitments in their life that are everlasting.

“I think there are two things we should vow or commit in our life,” Jessa noted. “One is to follow Christ. We commit our lives to the Lord. That’s a good commitment. The other would be if you marry and take a spouse. A husband and wife vowing their love and loyalty to one another. I think those are both biblically founded and good things.”

As for other “commitments,” Jessa thinks they’re too easily broken and thus shouldn’t ever be promised in the first place.

Courtships and marriage are ultra-important to the Duggars


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Jessa clearly views marriage is one of the ultimate vows, and this is right in line with how her parents raised her. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar believe courtships and marriage should be taken very seriously. And all courtships must be approved by Jim Bob before the Duggar kids can continue on and “date with a purpose.”

As for Jessa, she’s written about her experience meeting and courting husband Ben Seewald. They met through church and sustained one of the longest courtships the Duggars have ever had. They courted for 10 months back in 2013 before Ben got down on one knee and asked Jessa for her hand in marriage.

Today, Jessa and Ben have three kids together. And we’re sure they’ll instill the same religious values they grew up with into their family as well.

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