Jessa Duggar Said ‘Trusting in Christ’ Made Her Want to Do More Chores as a Kid

Those who’ve kept up with the Duggars know Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s oldest kids helped immensely around the house. From assisting with homeschooling duties to cleaning up to making dinner, it takes a lot of work to care for a 21-person household. And Jessa Duggar was certainly a huge help.

Jessa recently took to YouTube and Instagram to share a video about the impact her religious upbringing had on her life. And she explained that “trusting in Christ” helped her a lot with wanting to do more chores. Here’s what she shared.

The older Duggar kids were a huge help to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar

Back when many of Michelle and Jim Bob’s kids were still living in the large Duggar family home, there was always a ton of work to be done around the home. Michelle and Jim Bob insisted that all 19 of their children should be homeschooled, too. And fans know Jessa was a huge help when it came to getting her siblings to do what needs to be done and accomplishing their school work.

“The girls do a lot of work around the house,” In Touch Weekly notes Jim Bob Duggar explained on 19 Kids and Counting. “The girls are the ones that actually keep the house going.”

As for Jessa, the younger kids knew that she meant business, too. “Jessa’s very good about talking to [her siblings] about the importance of accomplishing their task,” Jim Bob explained in an old episode of the show. And a few of Jessa’s younger siblings mentioned their slogan, “Don’t mess with Jess.”

Jessa Duggar said her relationship with God helped her want to do more chores

Jessa’s carried her religion with her from childhood to her adult years. And it’s clear she’s instilling many of the values she grew up with into her own children. In August 2020, she published a video about her relationship with Christianity. And she touched on how it actually made her want to do more chores when she was a child.

In the video, Jessa noted she felt a “change” in “her heart” when she started really letting Christ into her life at a young age. “I had formed a lot of bad habits over those 12 years of my life,” she said. “But I did notice a gradual upward climb.” She added that she noticed “God starting to break” some of her worst habits, and she wanted to take on more personal responsibilities around the home.

“Instead of running away from responsibility and chores, actually delighting in those things,” Jessa added. “And desiring to do things like sneak in and clean up the playroom without anybody knowing. Chores that weren’t even my own, and I just knew, wow, something has really changed here, because this is not me. This is not the person that I used to be.”

Fans think Jessa’s aversion to chores as a child is completely natural


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While Jessa is incredibly happy with her commitment to Christianity, others took to Instagram to remind her that it’s totally OK to not want to do chores when you’re a kid.

“Would you speak of your children as harshly as you did of yourself as a child?” one fan commented on Jessa’s video via Instagram. “The things you were describing were normal developmental aspects of human development, not sin.”

“I think it’s wrong to say as a child you sinned!!” another wrote. “It’s too strong a statement when talking about children.”

“You were just a child though,” yet another added. “I don’t think normal child behavior (i.e. not wanting to do chores, fighting with siblings) is evidence of not being saved. That’s the discouraging part of this.”

While some didn’t like Jessa’s comments about her childhood, it seems the video was received well over all. And we’re always interested to hear more about how the Duggars grew up and their thoughts regarding their upbringing now that they have kids of their own.

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