Jessa Duggar’s Fried Rice Video Shows What It’s Really Like Raising 3 Young Children in Her Household

We’ve been watching the Duggars for years, and Jessa Duggar stands as one of the most popular of her 18 siblings. The 27-year-old has three young kids with husband Ben Seewald, and they both get super candid on Instagram when it comes to parenting, their home, and what their lives are like. And now, Jessa’s sharing a ton of longer-form YouTube content, which is including her favorite family recipes.

On May 2, 2020, Jessa shared a video of one of her favorite recipes shown to her by family friends — and it’s easy fried rice. All three of her kids are in the video, too. And the chaos that unfolds around her as she cooks shows what her life at home with her children is really like.

Jessa Duggar shared a video of one of her family’s go-to meals

The Duggars aren’t necessarily known for their cooking, but that’s never stopped any of them from sharing their favorite meals before. We know Jill Duggar frequently shares her recipes with her Instagram followers. And because many of the dishes require canned goods over fresh, they’re slammed by the family’s critics all the time.

Now, Jessa’s trying her hand at sharing her favorite recipes. She posted a video of her cooking her favorite fried rice, and it’s remarkably simple, tasty, and enjoyable to everyone in her family, even the children. But as soon as Jessa starts the video, she’s immediately interrupted by her 11-month-old baby, Ivy.

“We have a favorite fried rice recipe that …,” Jessa starts before running off-camera during her first take. Then, in the second take, Jessa shows her ingredients and how she learned the recipe from her Indonesian friends.

Her oldest son, Spurgeon, wanted to be as involved as possible

Since Jessa was in the middle of making a meal for the whole family, her kids and husband were nearby — and they could all easily be heard in the loud background noise as Jessa explained her fried rice dish. Out of all of her children, though, it was Spurgeon, her 4-year-old, who was the most present in the video. While Jessa explained how she made her fried rice, Spurgeon sat on the counter and chimed in with his opinions.

When Jessa starts cooking the bacon that goes into her fried rice, Henry bumps his elbow off-camera. And Spurgeon offers to kiss his brother’s elbow, but he also calls Henry a “baby.” At this moment, Jessa also has to share a life lesson with Spurgeon as she’s cooking up dinner.

“Always having those parenting conversations over dinner prep,” the busy mom added in text over the video.

The camera then pans over to Spurgeon, as he explains the ingredients of the fried rice while next to Jessa. And Spurgeon is then seen sitting on the counter, shouting to Ben that the food is ready, and chasing the camera to make sure he’s in it the whole time.

Getting all of her kids to sit down and pray was an ordeal

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After the chaos of making the rice, Ben is then in charge of getting all the kids to clean up, sit down at the table, and pray. Eventually, he’s able to quiet the children down and get them to listen to the religious gesture. And once the kids start eating, it’s clear Jessa and Ben are hit with a whole new set of challenges. Spurgeon enjoys the spice of the rice, but it’s too flavorful for Henry, the middle child.

As for baby Ivy, she’s creating a mess of her own next to Jessa. She’s busy dropping eggs out of her mouth while Ben and Jessa ask the boys what they think of the meal.

Jessa’s followers have plenty of their own opinions about the video, too.

“It amazes me that at such a young age babies are able to comprehend what you’re saying to them!” one follower noted.

“Also thank you for keeping it real. I love watching you interact with your kids while you’re cooking no matter what’s going on,” another commented.

“Spurgeon is cute…I wouldn’t let him get so close to the stove when you’re cooking,” another warned.

We’re hoping Jessa keeps making videos so we can get more of a glimpse into her life!

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