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From household rules to courtship rituals, the Duggars are often the center of conversation (and controversy). And now that Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s older kids have their own social media accounts, there’s a lot to dissect. Jessa Duggar has been a fan favorite for years, and fans love seeing her parenting tips and tricks when it comes to her three kids. She’s now making YouTube content for her blog, too, where she offers even more insight.

Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, also has an Instagram presence. And he posted a cute video of their son, Spurgeon, smelling a family meal that showed they’re cooking up foods that Jessa never grew up eating. Here’s what they’re having and how it differs from what Jessa had as a kid.

Michelle Duggar explained how grocery shopping worked for her huge family

Grocery shopping for a small family is tough, but Michelle had to adapt to shopping for 19 kids. She noted she and husband Jim Bob kept a strict budget in place for their monthly groceries, and this often meant they bought canned goods and bulk items. And they also cut corners on certain staples, like bread, by making their own at home.

“For groceries, we mainly shop at discount grocery stores, warehouse clubs and co-ops. You can save thousands of dollars by doing just that,” Michelle wrote for TLC. “We buy mostly in bulk and stock up once a month on staples like butter, cereal and oats – it’s just cheaper.”

As suspected, the Duggars went through a ton of food on a daily basis, too. It’s been reported that the family ate 36 eggs, five pounds of turkey bacon, six loaves of bread, pounds of potatoes, and a gallon of ice cream in just one day.

Evidence suggests the Duggar kids grew up with food insecurity

Jim Bob and Michelle didn’t have a ton of money when their kids were growing up, thus the reason behind their tight budget on food, clothing, and luxury items. And many think the older Duggars are now showing signs of having food insecurity as kids.

We know Joseph Duggar has a bad habit of literally licking his plate clean when he’s had a good meal. And his wife, Kendra, has suggested he stop this habit. But this could be a sign of something more sinister that would occur during his childhood. Joe may have been unsure if he would get enough on his plate, thus resulting in licking every last crumb.

Jill Duggar also once admitted that she would sneak food into the bathroom as a youth. And while she shares her favorite recipes with her Instagram followers, many don’t understand why she continues to promote recipes that utilize canned goods instead of fresh ingredients.

Jessa Duggar is encouraging her kids to eat different types of food

While Jill may be following the same recipes she ate as a kid, Jessa is going her own way. Her husband, Ben, posted a video of the family cooking dinner on Feb. 13. And they’re making pan-fried mahi-mahi for their young kids to eat.

“I can’t stop smelling ’cause it’s so good,” Spurgeon, who’s 4, states while sitting on the counter over the fried fish. And Jessa can be heard in the background teaching Spurgeon what kind of fish they’re going to eat for dinner. “It’s so good, mommy!” Spurgeon adds.

In the next video Ben posted, Spurgeon’s sitting at the table eating his dinner. “I love the mahi-mahi,” he says between bites. And Ben gives the whole rundown of the meal. He explains that they’re eating blackened mahi-mahi, quinoa with beef, and sweet potatoes.

It’s nice to see Jessa feeding her kids such a well-rounded meal — and her kids seem to love it, too.

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