Jessa Duggar’s Recent Video May Prove Her Kids Don’t See Her Family as Much as She Lets On

Jessa Duggar is one of the most popular of the entire Duggar family. While she’s still on Counting On, she’s attained her own following via YouTube and Instagram. And her original content captures the attention of fans and Duggar family critics alike.

On July 22, Jessa posted a video to YouTube that goes through each of her siblings and her siblings’ kids — and considering she has 18 brothers and sisters, the video takes awhile. She shows her sons, Henry and Spurgeon, struggling to recognize their aunts and uncles. And it has some wondering if Jessa and Ben really see the other Duggars every week for family nights.

The Duggars typically meet up every week for family night

The Duggars are quite close, and to keep their family bond, all Duggar kids and grandkids are invited over to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s huge family home every week. It’s here when huge announcements are made and plenty of fun and catching up is had.

Joy-Anna Duggar’s husband, Austin Forsyth, talked about the family gatherings in the past. “We see her family at least a couple of times a week,” he said in a YouTube video. “Every Monday night we have family night at her parents’ house. So, we all get together, the ones that are in town, and just hang out, catch up, and try to stay close as a family.”

There are a few Duggars who don’t make it to family nights, though — and one of them is Jill Duggar. Jill is notoriously on the outs with Jim Bob, as she needs permission from him to come over. And according to her husband, Derick Dillard, he and Jill weren’t even invited to the family’s Zoom night.

Jessa Duggar created a video explaining who her siblings are for her kids

Jessa liked growing up in a huge family. Now, she’s dealing with the task of explaining her side of the family to her kids, Spurgeon, Henry, and Ivy. While Ivy’s still a baby, Spurgeon and Henry are starting to learn. And Jessa created a helpful video for them and for her followers that helps keep her family straight.

“Do you know how many kids Grandma and Grandpa have?” Jessa asks her sons in the video.

“Yeah! 31!” Spurgeon answers.

“Umm, 109!” Henry guesses.

“Nope, 19 kids,” Jessa stated. And from there, she started with the oldest siblings first. Josh Duggar was mentioned along with his wife, Anna Duggar, and their six kids first. From there, Jessa works down the list to Jana, John-David, Jill, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna — and the list goes on.

Duggar family critics find the video strange


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Jessa likely thought the video would be fun, cute, and informative, but Duggar family critics noticed her kids don’t have a strong grasp of their aunts and uncles. They struggled to figure out who was who in each photo that was presented. And it could be an indicator that Jessa, Ben, and their kids aren’t seeing the other Duggars at the weekly family gatherings (or on any virtual gatherings) like they used to.

“Admittedly I roll my eyes at how much Justin is joked about being the forgotten Duggar but come on, even his nephews can’t place him,” one Reddit user noted.

“Bruh this video is so weird the kids don’t even know who half of their uncles are,” another commented.

“I was thinking the same thing,” another noted. “They see them ‘every week’ and can’t remember them?”

It looks like Jessa still maintains a good relationship with Jim Bob and Michelle, so there’s no rumors of a rift there. And with three kids, it’s likely she’s busy and might not be able to attend family night every single week. In any case, there’s no doubt that’s a lot of aunts and uncles to remember. We’ll keep our eyes out to see if Jessa keeps attending family nights or distances herself like her sister, Jill.

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