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Jessica Alba Admitted She Wanted to Make Sure of 1 Thing About Michael Weatherly Before Breaking Her ‘Virginity Pact’

Jessica Alba met Michael Weatherly on the set of Fox's 'Dark Angel' when she was just 18 years old. Despite a 12-year age difference, Alba and Weatherly began a romance that lasted four years and included a marriage proposal. The Honest Co. founder, has been very real about losing her virginity to Weatherly.

Jessica Alba met Michael Weatherly on the set of Fox’s Dark Angel when she was just 18 years old. Despite a 12-year age difference, Alba and Weatherly began a romance that lasted four years and included a marriage proposal.

According to The Honest Co. founder, she lost her virginity to Weatherly. But before she broke her “virginity pact,” she wanted to make sure of one thing.

Michael Weatherly and Jessica Alba during 2003-2004 CBS Upfront - After Party at Tavern on the Green in New York City, New York, United States
Michael Weatherly and Jessica Alba | Jim Spellman/WireImage

Jessica Alba was kidnapped at the age of 15

Alba’s acting career began when she was a young teen back in the mid-1990s. At first, she landed bit parts on TV shows like The Secret World of Alex Mack, Chicago Hope, and Beverly Hills 90210. At the same time, she grew up in a religious family. And had a youth pastor who told her the reason older men hit on her was that she wore “provocative clothing.”

“It just made me feel like if I was in any way desirable to the opposite sex that it was my fault, and it made me ashamed of my body and being a woman,” Alba explained.

But things took an even darker turn on the set of the TV show Flipper in 1996. According to The Mirror, Alba was getting strange calls that she originally dismissed as a harmless prank. But she ended up getting kidnapped from the set for 14 hours, and was found bound and gagged in the trunk of a car. The case was eventually dismissed, though, because Alba couldn’t provide police with any details.

Her career took off after ‘Dark Angel’

Alba found career success with Dark Angel in 2000, which lasted two seasons. That’s also when her relationship with Weatherly started. She would go on to become one of the biggest stars of the 2000s, and made the transition to the big screen in Honey, The Fantastic Four, Sin City, and Into the Blue.

Big things were also happening in her personal life. Weatherly proposed on her 20th birthday, and she decided to break the virginity pact she had made as a teen. Coming from a family of born-again Christians, Alba’s parents taught her that sex before marriage was not an option.

Jessica Alba made sure of one thing before Michael Weatherly took her virginity

Alba and Weatherly ended up splitting in 2003. She later told Cosmo that he was her first adult relationship, and the experience made her realize how tough relationships can be. She also admitted that she made sure of one thing before Weatherly took her virginity.

“Relationships can be tough . . . I’ve only had two boyfriends [Weatherly and her now-husband Cash Warren],” Alba said in 2005. “In the first one, with Michael, I didn’t have a voice yet, and he was so much older . . . I was so young, 18, when I started dating him. I was a virgin. I knew I wanted to be in love with the first person I slept with, because for almost everyone I knew, the first experience made them feel like s–t . . . I wanted to be careful that he was going to be in love with me, and wasn’t just going to leave me.”

She met her husband on the set of ‘Fantastic Four’

Alba’s relationship with Weatherly didn’t last, and she later admitted that she had no idea why she said yes to his proposal.

“I don’t know (why I got engaged). I was a virgin. He was 12 years older than me. I thought he knew better,” Alba said. “My parents weren’t happy. They’re really religious. They believe God wouldn’t allow The Bible to be written if it wasn’t what they are supposed to believe. I’m completely different.”

It wasn’t long, though, before she met the man who would become her husband. One year after her split from Weatherly — and after brief flings with Derek Jeter and Mark Wahlberg — Alba met Cash Warren on the set of Fantastic Four.

Jessica Alba married Cash Warren in 2008

The movie may have ended up a flop, but Alba found love with Warren and they tied the knot four years later. The couple also welcomed their daughter Honor in 2008, and three years later their second daughter Haven arrived. In 2017, Alba gave birth to the couple’s third child, a son named Hayes.


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In addition to being a mom of three and having a successful acting career, Alba also owns a billion-dollar company. The Honest Company makes environmentally-friendly household, makeup, and baby products, and Alba is now worth about $200 million.