Jessica Alba Once Had an Entire Movie Re-Written Because There Were Too Many Sex Scenes

Occasionally, movie scripts have to go through rewrites for a variety of reasons. For actor Jessica Alba, the screenplay for this 2010 movie was entirely rewritten because there were too many sex scenes that made the star uncomfortable.

Jessica Alba has a no-nudity clause in her contract

Jessica Alba sitting down while wearing a brown jacket.
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Alba is very open about her distaste for sex scenes. Because of this, the Fantastic Four star made sure she wouldn’t have to strip in her films by implementing a no-nudity clause in her contract.

“I don’t want my grandparents to see my boobs. That’s it. It would be weird at Christmas. And, I mean, really, if you look at the movies I have done, getting naked would never ‘elevate’ the picture,” Alba told Glamour.

Alba stood by those beliefs in the action film Machete. There’s a scene reportedly in the movie where Alba appears naked, but it isn’t actually her body. It’s a visual achieved through CGI. A certain segment of fans complained about the film using CGI in place of a natural performance. But through her representative, the actor was quick to defend her decision.

“Jessica has been steadfast in her resolve not to appear nude in films from the beginning of her career,” the statement read according to Entertainment Weekly. “She is very proud of the film and stands by the creative decisions she and made about this scene.”

Jessica Alba had the ‘Machete’ script re-written because there were too many sex scenes

Apart from using CGI, Alba also had the movie changed in its developmental stages to ensure her clothes stayed on. According to The Independent, the original Machete script looked vastly different than the movie fans saw in theaters.

“You think this version is sexy?! In the original script I played twins, and there was a lot more sex,” Alba said.

Despite her reservations, the veteran actor liked the movie enough to star in it. But a few tweaks needed to be made beforehand.

“But I’ve never been very comfortable with that stuff. I get freaked out and nervous, I guess, so I told Robert [Rodriguez, the film’s director], ‘this is an awesome movie and I’d love to be a part of it but I don’t feel comfortable doing that’, and he was like, ‘oh, we’ll rewrite it and we’ll do what you are comfortable with,’” she recalled.

This resulted in the version of Machete that most saw.

Jessica Alba allegedly refused to strip for ‘Sin City 2’

Machete might not have been the only film that she made a few tweaks to due to sexual content. If reports were to be believed, Alba also refused to strip for the Sin City sequel A Dame to Kill For. But this was allegedly because the actor had given birth not too long before filming. Alba reportedly didn’t think her body was camera-ready after her pregnancy.

“She was crushed when filming began and she didn’t have her original body back so she told producers she wanted a body double,” a source told Life & Style (via Digital Spy.) “Her body is incredible, but it’s not good enough. She’s cut out carbs and does the P90X Ab Ripper twice a day, but she still isn’t happy.”

However, Alba has never come out to confirm or comment on these claims.

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