Jessica Biel Once Revealed It Was ‘Unnerving’ Working With Wesley Snipes in ‘Blade Trinity’

Like other actors, Jessica Biel had an interesting time teaming up with Wesley Snipes on the set of Blade Trinity. The Killing Eve star found herself not sure how to react to Snipes’ behavior, which left her feeling a bit uncomfortable around him.

Jessia Biel called it a ‘little unnerving’ working with Wesley Snipes

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As most know, Wesley Snipes rarely broke character on the Blade Trinity set. This led to an unorthodox experience on set for Snipes’ co-stars.

“People will use the words ‘in character’ to substitute for ‘stand-offish’ sometimes but, y’know, I truly believe that [Snipes] is so into that character,” Reynolds once told the Sydney Morning Herald. “He so embodies every aspect of that character when he’s shooting and that’s what worked for him. I found it very awkward to work with someone who is that method and that into the character. It’s not a particular acting style that I subscribe to.”

In an interview with Comic Book Movie, Biel echoed the sentiments regarding Snipes’ method acting.

“He’s really focused in his own process and you know, I’ve never worked that way before, but I respect it and gave him his space. You let him do his thing because he’s obviously done it in the past and knows how to do it right,” she said.

Biel also recalled she didn’t know how to carry a conversation with the actor off set when there wasn’t a script involved.

“It’s weird to see him in the morning and not quite know what to say. I get a little response. Does he hate me? Is he pissed at me? There are a bunch of questions that go through your head at first. So I think it was a little unnerving for me. I think for everybody who hadn’t worked with him before it took a little while to get used to that type of process,” she added.

Jessica Biel was ‘shell-shocked’ when she discovered Wesley Snipes behaved differently on the set of another film

Biel has often felt like she didn’t get to know the real Wesley Snipes on set. She had only gotten acquainted with Blade. So when the 7th Heaven alum heard that Snipes had the opposite attitude when filming another movie, she couldn’t believe it.

“I was up in Vancouver and saw our B-Camera operator, and he said, after he did Blade, he went and did another movie with Wesley, and it was totally different, because he wasn’t Blade,” Biel told IGN in a 2004 interview. “He was another character. He was like an easygoing, happy character or something. He was, like, amazing and funny and laughing and having a good time. I was, like, shell-shocked [to hear this]. ‘What do you mean? That’s just crazy.’”

Jessica Biel admired the way David Goyer handled tension with Wesley Snipes

Biel revealed that Snipes and Blade Trinity director David Goyer had trouble getting along on set. Despite them not getting along, Biel admired the way Goyer carried himself in the midst of their differences.

“I think Wes and David had a lot of conflict with story ideas and the look of the film and, so there definitely was tension. But, [David’s] so laid back, he dealt with it so smoothly, so classy the way he dealt with it. He didn’t let anything get to him,” Biel said. “If there was an issue, he’d go deal with it in the trailer and they’d figure it out and then they’d just do it. It was sometimes a little bit tense but there were no explosions. He never exploded or freaked out or anything.”

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