Jill Biden’s Trick for Hosting Large Dinner Parties Involves a Plethora of Post-It Notes

First Lady Jill Biden is a celebrity in her own right. She also wears many hats. Not only is she President Joe Biden’s wife, but she is also a college professor, mother, grandmother, and wife. For certain occasions, Biden takes on the role of a party host. She recently shared her trick for managing large dinner parties using Post-It notes.

Jill Biden leads a busy life

Jill Biden Post-It notes
Jill Biden in September 2020 | Jim Watson/AFP via Getty Images

As President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill Biden has a full schedule. She supports her husband’s career and the American people in various ways. For example, she helps push for COVID-19 vaccination and cancer research. Biden also visits other countries, such as Ukraine, as a representative for America.

Additionally, Biden is a college professor. Since 2009, she has taught English at Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA) in Alexandria, Virginia. Despite becoming the first lady, Biden has remained a full-time educator.

“I think people were a little skeptical,” she said of her decision to continue teaching at NOVA,” she said in an interview with Real Simple. “Could I truly do it since I was the first one to try it? But I knew I wanted to teach. And so I said, ‘This is what I want to do. We have to figure it out.’ I knew I could do both. I’d done it as Second Lady, and at that time, my staff said, ‘There’s no way you can do this,’ and then they saw that I could. I saw it work then, and I knew we could figure out how to do it now.”

Jill Biden uses Post-It notes to help her host large dinner parties

Occasionally, Jill Biden also hosts large numbers of people. To manage these events, she uses Post-It notes.

“It started because the Bidens are a big family, and we have a lot of gatherings. And they would all say, ‘What can I do to help?’ And by the time you’ve explained, ‘You get the salad bowl out, it’s in this cupboard, here are the utensils, etc.’ I thought, ‘There’s got to be an easier way,’” she told Real Simple.

“I know my meal and what I’m going to serve, so I do Post-it notes, like ‘Fill the glasses with ice,’ ‘Light the candles,’ and I put them on the cabinet above my kitchen counter,” Biden added. “Then I put out the salad bowl with the tomatoes or the lemons or whatever needs to be cut, and everything is set up so when somebody comes in, they do what they want to do.”

Biden shared that her guests can take whichever Post-It notes they choose and fulfill the tasks. 

“Everybody knows their role,” she said. “If we get together, it’s at least 13 or 14 and can go up to 30. So I do that for almost every big family dinner now. I do the main. Everything else is up for grabs.”

She uses Post-It notes in other ways

Managing parties is not the only way Jill Biden uses Post-It notes. She also uses them to write reminders to herself to keep track of her duties at work.

She also uses sticky notes to leave sweet messages for Joe Biden. “If I want to get a message to Joe, I put one on his mirror. It may be a nice ‘I missed you’ or ‘I hope you get whatever it is you’re working on,’” the first lady shared.

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