Jill Duggar Got Tested for Coronavirus After Developing Odd Symptoms: ‘My Feet Are Burning’

If there’s any member of the Duggar family who’s paving their own path apart from Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, it’s Jill Duggar. Jill keeps sharing content with her followers showing her real, authentic self. And she’s also sharing her difficulties when it comes to parenting and living her life with the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Now, Jill’s sharing her experience with getting tested for coronavirus. She shared multiple videos to her Dillard Family blog, and she posted about it on Instagram, sparing no details. Here’s what she posted.

Jill Duggar’s candid with her followers about how she’s dealing with coronavirus

Jill’s taken photos and videos to record her personal experience dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. When the health hazard was still new in the U.S., she took her camera with her as she and her sons searched for paper products at local stores. Since then, she’s also included evidence of her social distancing outings she’s taken with her husband and her boys.

Back in April, Jill posted a photo of herself after she impulsively bought a new tree, too. “Got out yesterday to grab a few things BY MYSELF for the first time since this whole #coronaviruspandemic thing and came home with this tree hanging out my window,” she captioned the post. And while the gesture may seem innocuous, Duggar family followers loved that she was getting out there and doing what she wants.

“I am really weirdly personally proud of her for this tree and this post,” a Reddit user wrote. “It’s eloquent for a Duggar, it’s not loaded with Fundie-isms, she’s spread out the text appropriately, she’s wearing a mask, she bought something because she wanted it and recognized its soothing effect … like, way to go, Jill!”

She told her followers about her coronavirus symptoms

Jill’s clearly been following social distancing protocol and wearing a mask. But she said on the Dillard Family blog that she had some strange symptoms, and it prompted her to get tested for coronavirus.

“A few weeks ago we decided to get tested for coronavirus after we all suddenly started running fevers and had body aches and some of the other symptoms consistent with the coronavirus,” Jill wrote. She then explained that she got tested, and the results came back negative the first time. But her symptoms persisted “and a few more developed,” so she went again for the test.

“Here getting COVID screened. Already got COVID tested last week,” Jill explained in a video from the passenger seat of her car at a testing center. “I developed more symptoms, so getting more screening. I have this rash on my arm, and another rash on this arm. My toes are like … my feet are like, burning — this weird, burning feeling.”

Duggar family followers are proud of Jill


Jill Duggar Is Taking Social Distancing Much More Seriously Than the Other Duggars

Thankfully, Jill’s second test came back negative as well. And Duggar family followers are loving that Jill showed everyone the whole testing process.

“Good for Jill,” a Reddit user noted. “I’m glad she did the responsible thing and didn’t just ‘pray it away.'”

“I’m so glad she’s not a moron about this,” another added, “and I hope she influences her fans/followers to take COVID seriously.”

“Glad she is taking this seriously and is showing personal accountability,” yet another added. “This makes me think she cares about others. Whereas the other fundie deniers care only about themselves and their lives.”

It looks like Jill’s candid take on the coronavirus testing is getting a gold star from followers. Will the other Duggars get tested? We’re not sure, as none of them have posted about it.

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