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Social distancing hasn’t been easy for anyone, and it’s greatly affecting many reality TV stars. We’ve been keeping up with the Duggars for years thanks to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar bringing their 19 kids into the limelight. And it seems even the Duggars are sharing how they’re helping to stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

All eyes have been on Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, since the beginning of 2020. While fans wonder if Jill’s getting along with her family, she’s not delving into Duggar drama. Instead, she’s sharing how she’s practicing social distancing during this difficult time — and it looks like she may be the one Duggar family member who’s truly taking it all seriously.

Jill Duggar already shared a saga about struggling to find toilet paper

Jill Duggar’s husband continues to share scathing claims about Jill’s family. While he’s spilling tea, Jill is sticking with her typical Instagram content, which is all about married life with her two sons. When coronavirus first started becoming a threat in the U.S., Jill shared her own personal saga of finding toilet paper. And she shared video content of her attempts, which were both relatable and entertaining.

“So, amidst the pandemic, we are nearly out of toilet paper. The one item that people are going crazy for,” Jill stated in a video she shared to the Dillard Family blog. And she also noted that while her husband attempted to find toilet paper on his way home from work, he failed.

Thankfully, Jill was able to find some highly-coveted toilet paper at Walmart — though she also stated she hated shopping at Walmart, so it wasn’t ideal.

There’s evidence to suggest some Duggars aren’t social distancing like they should

The Duggar Family Facebook page posted a statement about staying safe and praying through the coronavirus scare. But it looks like some of Jim Bob and Michelle’s kids still aren’t taking social distancing seriously.

Jed Duggar, the budding politician in the family, posted about helping with relief efforts after a tornado struck Arkansas. While the gesture was certainly well intended, it’s clear there were many community members also helping out — and it didn’t look like there was much distancing occurring.

Jana Duggar also posted about helping with the tornado damage. While she’s seen wearing a mask in her Instagram photo, her followers aren’t impressed by her lack of following protocol as well.

It looks like Josh Duggar and his wife, Anna, might also be ignoring social distancing. Anna posted evidence of a Duggar family gathering happening at the large Duggar family home. This, of course, alarmed her followers.

Jill’s recent Instagram post shows she’s taking the warnings seriously

Out of all the Duggars, it looks like Jill might be taking the social distancing warnings rather seriously. Her son, Israel, just turned 5 — and while it might be easy for others to justify breaking the rules, Jill stuck to the guidelines and described how her family was celebrating despite everything.

“Although the current state with Coronavirus has changed our plans, we are counting our blessings and trying to make lemonades from lemons,” she captioned her post. “We did a special birthday breakfast and are planning a drive this afternoon to say hey to friends from our car before we make our way to Derick’s mom and stepdad’s for a simple celebration in their front yard (keeping our distance)!” Jill also noted that Israel was being a “great sport” about the whole ordeal.

“Thanks for taking social distancing so seriously, Jill! You are setting a wonderful example to your platform and for your children,” one follower commented.

We’re hoping Jill can lead by example and encourage the rest of the Duggars to do their part!

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