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The Duggars may appear to all get along on the surface, but their followers know it’s not that simple. Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar thrust their 19 kids into the spotlight from a young age. But a few have backed out of the world of reality TV — and Jill Duggar and her husband, Derick Dillard, are among them.

Jill and Derick share photos and videos of their lives with their two sons on Instagram and their family blog. But rumors of a feud between them and Jill’s family came to a head with Derick’s Instagram comments that exposed everything.

Jill’s ignoring the drama online. And she just wished her husband a happy birthday while also calling him her personal “hero.”

Jill Duggar shared all of the details about Derick Dillard’s birthday celebration

Jill and Derick clearly love each other, as they post about their relationship on social media frequently. And since Derick just turned 31, Jill posted all about it on the Dillard Family blog and her personal Instagram.

“We had a fun weekend celebrating Derick’s 31st birthday,” Jill explained on her blog. She then went on to tell readers that they went swimming with their kids, Israel and Samuel, as well as Derick’s mother, brother, and in-laws. As for a date between just Derick and Jill, Jill noted they “went out for a date to Waffle House, one of our new favorite places.”

Jill included plenty of photos of the celebrations on the blog, too. And she also added a video. The video includes plenty of footage of Derick swimming with his kids and having a great time eating his picnic lunch with family. And, of course, Jill included footage from their date night at Waffle House, where Derick chose a breakfast meal that included eggs, waffles, and hashbrowns.

The Duggar Family Instagram also wished Derick a happy birthday

It’s no surprise that Jill would include a sweet birthday message to her husband whom she adores. But what caught everyone’s eye was the Duggar Family Instagram that’s run by Jim Bob and Michelle. While Jill’s parents rarely publicly acknowledge their daughter and her husband, they posted some old Instagram photos of the couple and wished Derick a great birthday.

“Happy birthday, Derick!” they captioned the post. “We’re so thankful for you! You’re a loving husband to our sweet Jill, and a wonderful daddy to your boys. May God bless you in this new year!!”

Those who are familiar with the Duggar controversy thought this post seemed off. At the end of 2019, Derick told Instagram followers that he and Jill aren’t even allowed at the Duggar family home without permission from Jim Bob. And he also stated that the family and TLC pressured him and Jill to be on TV despite them not wanting to take part in it anymore.

Jill just called him her ‘hero’ on Instagram

Not only did Derick tell his followers his truth about Jill’s family, but he’s also threatening to write a tell-all book that would expose all of the Duggar family’s secrets. As for Jill, she’s kept quiet about the controversies. But she has left little clues that indicate she knows exactly what’s going on and is taking steps away from her family. On her birthday Instagram post dedicated to Derick, she even called him her “hero.”

“Attn: mushy post. Yesterday was this handsome fella’s birthday!” she captioned her post. “I love you so much @derickdillard. Thanks for being my man and for always pointing me back to Jesus. You’re my hero and my best friend!”

Jill and Derick used to have a ton of critics, but now, it seems more of their followers than ever before are on their side. We’ll have to see what happens next between them and the rest of the Duggars.

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