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The Duggars are under close watch by fans and critics alike. While Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were the first to bring their 19 kids into the spotlight via TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, the older Duggar kids are now growing up fast — and many of them have their own social media accounts.

Recently, a fan reached out to Jill Duggar to call Jill’s sister, Jinger Duggar, and Jinger’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, “fake.” And Jill wasn’t having it. Here’s what went down.

Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are getting slammed for trying to be influencers

Jinger is the first of the Duggars to move out to the West Coast, and she’s currently living in Los Angeles with her husband and their two daughters. And while Jeremy pursues his degree at The Master’s Seminary, Jinger seems to be pursuing a life of social media influencing.

So far, Jinger’s partnered with several companies and pushed their products on her Instagram. But she hasn’t had too much luck. Several partnerships, including the small donut shop Fonuts and the fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, stopped working with Jinger due to Duggar controversies of the past.

Despite the failed influencing, Jinger and Jeremy are still trying their best to start their own brand. The couple has a podcast, a line of hats and candles, and occasionally giveaways fans can participate in.

Jill Duggar clapped back at a follower who called Jinger and Jeremy ‘fake’

While Jinger and Jeremy have quite a following (and plenty of Instagram followers), there are others who don’t like the direction they’re headed. While Jinger is making a new image for herself, some think she’s coming off as inauthentic. And plenty of others believe she should stop trying to be an Instagram influencer altogether after so many failed partnerships.

Fans seem to think the total opposite of Jill, though. Jill made it known she stepped away from Counting On, and she seems to have a strained relationship with her parents and some of her siblings. On Jan. 20, she posted a photo to social media of her shoes and accompanied it with a caption about going through life’s many changes. And one fan blasted Jinger and Jeremy in the comments.

“You are so real and genuine,” the fan commented. “Thank you for not being concerned about selling products to your fans and being fake like Jinger and Jeremy.”

“Thanks. … But Jinger and Jeremy fake?” Jill clapped back. “Sharing products you like (even if paid for it) isn’t bad. And neither is being wise about the degree to which you share your lives with strangers. To each their own.”

Duggar critics respect Jill’s response


‘Counting On’ Stars Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo Are Already Taking a ‘Break’ From Some of Their Business Ventures

We’re not exactly sure where Jill and Jinger stand now. Jill’s mentioned some of her siblings are OK with the changes she’s making in her life, and others aren’t as happy. But it’s clear Jill will always protect her family when push comes to shove. And Duggar family critics respect how Jill handled the response on her Instagram.

“While I find J&J annoying, I thought this was a fair response from Jill,” a fan commented on Reddit. “So many people feel the urge to pit her against her sisters, and it’s kind of ridiculous.”

“Regardless of the ties Jill cut with her parents, Jinger is still her sister, her first real-life doll, and knows her and Jeremy in a way we might never get to know them: away from cameras,” another critic commented.

“I don’t really blame any of the OG Duggars for using social media solely for money/sponsorships reasons since they have been sharing their lives for TLC for years and most of them were teens when it started,” another added.

It looks like critics are siding with Jill on this one. As for Jinger and Jeremy, we’re sure a little criticism won’t stop them from sharing their products.

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