Jill Duggar May Have Just Proved She’s Surprisingly Bolder Than Jessa Duggar

The Duggars have been on reality TV for years, and we’ve watched Jim Bob and Michelle’s 19 children grow up on the small screen. Now, the kids are growing up fast — and the older Duggar children are now adults with families of their own. Fan favorites, like Jill and Jessa, have public Instagrams where they share everything that’s going on in their lives, too, despite any criticism they receive.

Jill receives a lot of flack from her followers for some of her parenting methods and recipes. But her recent trip to a restaurant with her husband, Derick Dillard, shows she might actually be way bolder than Jessa in some regards. Here’s what Jill posted.

The Duggars grew up with a strict budget for their groceries

(L-R) Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Jana Duggar visit 'Extra' at their New York studios
(L-R) Jessa Duggar, Jinger Duggar, Jill Duggar, and Jana Duggar visit ‘Extra’ at their New York studios | D Dipasupil/Getty Images for Extra

Raising 19 kids wasn’t easy for Jim Bob and Michelle. And even with money from their appearances on TV, they maintained a strict budget to make sure each kid was fed and clothed. While fans often saw the Duggars advocating for thrift stores and second-hand shops, they also were careful with what they bought at the grocery store.

“Our goal for our monthly food budget is $3,000. It used to be more like $2,000, but we’ve noticed the costs of groceries have gone up,” Michelle told TLC. And when it came to the food they purchased, it was often bulk items, canned goods, and basics so they could bake their own bread.

Many Instagram followers have seen some Duggar cooking in Jill’s favorite recipes she shares. Jill often uses canned goods to complete her meals, and her followers have repeatedly told her her meals look unappetizing.

Jessa Duggar told her Instagram followers she’s a very boring eater

Not only was Michelle extra careful with what she purchased at the grocery store, but she also made sure all the kids helped her cook the meals assembly-line style. While Jinger Duggar appears to be exploring different types of cuisine in Los Angeles, some of the other Duggars haven’t branched out. And Jessa appears to be one of the Duggars who sticks to what they know they like.

On Jan. 6, Jessa posted a photo to Instagram of her husband, Ben Seewald, with a unique aloe vera drink in front of him. “Mr. Adventurous is always trying out new food and drinks whenever we dine out,” she captioned the post. “I tend to be a creature of habit, but he pulls me out of my comfort zone and I nearly always end up loving the things he orders!” Jessa then “thanked” Seewald for assisting her “branch out beyond French fries and vanilla ice cream.”

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard went out on a limb with some new cuisine

Many may suspect that Jill would also be a picky eater, as the recipes she posts are typically childhood classics. But it seems that may not be the case. She posted to Instagram photos of her and Derick at Big Orange, a restaurant known for their burgers. And she went into even more detail in her Instagram Story.

“We are at Big Orange. We’ve never been here before. We’ve heard lots of good things about it,” Jill told her phone camera. She and her husband then explained that they tried the sweet potato waffle fries with curry ketchup, their new feature veggie burger, and a burger that was half veggie and half mushroom. Jill also expressed that they tried the gluten-free buns.

We didn’t expect Jill to go for the veggie burger or gluten-free buns at a burger joint, but it looks like she may be way more adventurous in her food choices than we thought. As for Jessa, we’re not sure if she’ll try Big Orange even with her sister’s recommendation. And if she does, we imagine she’ll stick to a basic burger and fries.

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